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Weight 1/4oz
Released October - 2007

THE BEAT GOES ON!!Compact and high appeal body.

Megavolume sound of ZERO TWO BEAT equipped with the BEAT cracker of brass material has already left a lot of achievement in many fields.On the other hand, this appeal power and volume sometimes work excessively in a high pressure small lake and lakes where the size of baitfish and bass are small.That’s the reason why ZERO TWO BEATJr. PUPPY was developed.

When you retrieve normal cracker buzzbait, cracker hits prop and interferes rotation. So, they adopt center-through-prop because it has the best rotation efficiency.When it comes to the matter of size, center-through-prop was selected among existing large, middle, small sizes. If you want to make a good balance buzzbait, you have to choose the size of prop from one of those 3 sizes because it has much to do with buoyancy.So this time we originally made an intermediate exquisite size between existing medium and small size. That is “PUPPY prop".

ZEROTWO BEATJr. PUPPY has long castability because it has adequate head weight in proportion with “PUPPY prop". Downsizing does not mean lure for small bass. ZEROTWO BEATJr. PUPPY is equipped with strong hook for big bass which normal size buzzbait is not equipped. And by adopting brass BEAT cracker, it succeeded in create bigger sound than ordinary buzzbait that have aluminum alloy.

Thus high appeal and compact body ZERO TWO BEATJr. PUPPY was born. The name “BEAT” will be engraved in the history of buzzbait.


PUPPY prop
Newly designed “PUPPY prop" is the best under high pressure condition and bank fishing.
BEAT Jr. cracker (brass made)
Lure itself is small enough to make bass easy bite, but the cracker produces strong sound that other lure can never imitate. Most of existing cracker were made of aluminum alloy, but BEAT Jr. adopted brass examined from material. As it is inherited the pedigree of BEAT cracker, BEAT Jr. cracker was specially designed for the PUPPY Prop.

Surfing head Ⅱ
Head is wide and flat shape, and was designed to imitate shad. Bottom shape which is just like hull (ship bottom) contributes to floating ability and it easily dodges trash in the cover because arm comes from under the head tip.
Thus this lure has the basic ability of buzzbait at its highest level.


Vivid Pearl White S06
Spark White Chart ST21
Killer Gold S22
Impact Lime Chart S35

Sun Fish Tiger S38
Chart Back Ayu S39
Blue Gill S45
Define Black S52

One Punch Pink S53
Crystal Shad S54
Blue Back Chart S56
Bloody Shad S58

K.O.C.S. S59
Wakasagi S60
Ghost Chart Blue Back S61
LB Shad S63

Wild Gill S64
Fire Orange S66
Wakasagi Flash S67
Vagetable S69

Black FL Silver S70
Black FL Gold S71
Sexy Pink S72
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