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Length 113mm(4-1/3in.)
Weight 16g(3/5oz.)
Hook Size #6
Dives 0~6ft.
Color 13
Released February - 2015

Brand new weapon for jerkbait strategy

It has been 14 years since ASURA was born and 10 years since RUDRA was born. By using these jerkbaits for a long time, we felt the necessity of middle size jerkbait between them.

Lure selection for each type of field and situation increases severity every year . You can’t fish well if you don’t select right lure.

9cm jerkbait is effective under tough condition, but sometimes it lacks appeal power. And 13cm jerkbait is effective against big bass, but sometimes it can never get bite because of pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to cover all situations with these two sizes. So we started to develop jerkbait which fills that gap.

To produce No.1 11cm jerkbait with slim body, we had to brush up all the performances. Traditional full flat body increases bites by its flashing effect and strong water drive.

Three small tungsten weights which slide inside the body reach near the tail, enable you accurate and long cast with stable flying posture.

And this also produces unique sound and low center of gravity. With the help of honey comb super HP body (Pat.) that realized lightness and strength, three small tungsten weights create bites at the highest level by both stop-go action and straight retrieve.

It dives down to 2.1m depth by just retrieve, and also shows special performance because it dives up to 2.8m depth by adding continuous jerking.

And it reduces undesirable flopping action that sometimes occurs by fast retrieve. It can be said as a strong weapon because it can create bite by any kind of retrieve speed.

It can produce a timing to attract bass from wide range even in low water temperature season because it can swing sharply by twitch and jerk.

VARUNA is 11cm jerkbait that delivers all performances at its highest level.


Honey comb super HP body
By reinforcing inside the body with hexagon rib, VARUNA SP has succeeded in 40% reducing the thickness of side body (compared with our products). Its lightness and strength is almost the limit of ABS resin. And it creates centralization of gravity and lower of gravity, so it contributes quick swim start, lively action and response.
Low center of gravity and movable three tungsten weight
Three small tungsten weights which slide inside the body reach near the tail, enable you accurate and long cast with stable flying posture. With the help of fixed weight, low center of gravity creates sharp action by fast retrieve and produces more bite when it wobbles and rolls.

Full flat body
Flat side concept minnow originated from ASURA creates more flashing effect and water drive than round body minnow. More than 10 year’s data of fish catch proves its technology. Because of its wide capacity it can be equipped with maximum weight (compared with the lure of same length × width × height) and contributes long castability.


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