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DoliveStick SPEC2

DoliveStick SPEC2
Length 3in・3.5in・4.5in・6in
Color 33
Count 10(3in)・8(3.5in)・7(4.5in)・6(6in)
■The examples of recommended rigs

Weightless rig with offset hook
Low specific gravity material makes easy action on top of the water or subsurface. When you twitch it, it darts naturally sometimes coming up from the water and shakes the tail finely. When you let it free fall, it falls slowly with fine tail rolling and swinging. This action is almost like a dying baitfish.
Weightless rig wacky hook setting
Because of low specific gravity material, even when you give action slowly on the surface of water it stays on the water and keeps on creating effective ripple. By reducing the content of salt (back side is nonsalt) it improved the hook holdability dramatically and when you use it with nose hooking, it seldom torn.
Jighead rig
Because of the low specific gravity material it can keep natural horizontal posture. When you shake it in the middle of the water, it imitates the swimming of bait fish because the tail trembles finely with roll action.
Drop shot rig
The greatest merit of low specific gravity material is the ability of tempting bass with horizontal posture. No other bait can falls with its natural tail swing right after line tension is removed but "Do-Live Stick Spec 2".
Texas rig
Because the durability is improved, even with hard use such as punching and approach through branches, the stress of the worm gap drastically decreases. Its irregular fall with tail swing entices reaction bite. When you tempt bass at the bottom it imitates baitfish picking bottom with its tail lift upward.
Trailer for “Blade Jig”
By improving durability, it also supports continuous use such as full casting and skipping.
Trailer for "Rubber Jig"
Good for the situation that you want to make rubber jig look like baitfish. It shakes its tail finely when falling and the elastic texture of low specific gravity material responds quickly to delicate rod operation. Its durable material will guarantee you comfortable fishing even when you skip it or fish hard cover.
Cross-sectional image of salt contamination
The back side is non-salt. The material of belly has small amount of salt.
Back side: Non-salt
Belly side: small amount of salt


Water Melon Pepper W001
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004
Moebi W009
Smoke Pepper & Copper Flake W012

Dark Cinnamon Blue & Pepper W027
Magic Goby W037
Disco Green W044
Green Pumpkin Magic W046

Yosinobori W054
Lively Shrimp W055
Soft Sell Smoke TW102
Golden Shiner TW103

Green Pumpkin Red/Natural Orange TW108
Ghost Shrimp TW117
Maddy Shrimp TW121
Honey Flash TW126

Sight Special TW127
Water Melon Shad TW133
Lively Wakasagi TW134
Silver Shiner TW138

Neon Wakasagi TW139
Green Winny Shad TW140
Chi Gill TW141
Chi Ayu TW142

Ghost Lime Chart TW143
Morning Done TW147
Pink Lady TW150
Electric Shrimp TW151

Chart Back/Water Melon Sight TW156
Green Thander TW176
Natural Sun Fish TW177
Lively Wakasagi Silver Flake TW178

Sexy Shad Ver.2 TW194

Color No. Name Size
3" 3.5" 4.5" 6"
W001 Water Melon Pepper
W004 Green Pumpkin Pepper
W009 Moebi
W012 Smoke Pepper Copper Flake
W027 Dark Cinnamon Blue & Pepper
W037 Magic Goby
W044 Disco Green
W046 Green Pumpkin Magic
W054 Yosinobori
W055 Lively Shrimp
TW102 Soft Shell Smoke
TW103 Golden Chiner
TW108 Green Pumpkin Red / Natural Orange
TW117 Ghost Shrimp
TW121 Maddy Shrimp
TW126 Honey Flash
TW127 Sight Special
TW133 Water Melon Shad
TW134 Lively Wakasagi
TW139 Neon Wakasagi
TW140 Green Winny Shad
TW141 Chi Gill
TW142 Chi Ayu
TW143 Ghost Lime Chart
TW138 Silver Shiner
TW147 Morning Done
TW150 Pink Lady
TW151 Electric Shrimp
TW156 Chart Back / Water Melon Sight SP
TW176 Green Thander
TW177 Natural Sun Fish
TW178 Lively Wakasagi Silver Flake
TW194 Sexy Shad Ver.2

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