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HP Fish

HP Fish
Length 3.7in
Color 10
Count 5
Released Apl - 2024
HP FISH is a soft bait whose movements resemble the swimming of actual baitfish.This lure can create a variety of movements, such as leisurely swimming or running away while being chased by a fish eater. Furthermore, it boasts performances such as a horizontal swimming posture, a tail that swings little by little, and long castability. HP FISH is made of non-salt material, so it is durable and does not easily slip off even when the hook is set. So you can also cast around heavy cover and structure. If you stop mid-retrieval, it will start a horizontal fall on the spot. This is a different movement from O.S.P's DoLive series. By moving quickly from a stop, you will make the fish eater react to the bite. HP FISH is a swimming soft bait that can be used in a variety of ways.

Basic setting: No sinker rig / Texas rig / Jig head trailer
Recommended hook: #4/0 Offset hook
Recommended tackle: Bait tackle medium power 6.3~6.10ft


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