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Length 59.0mm
Weight 11.0g
Type Floating
Color 18
Released June - 2010

SUPER EXCITING!!Frog game in Japan will be reconstructed!

◎Frog game has inFinite possibility.
No other Floating bait has overwhelming potential than Frog because it can approach deep into the cover.
Vegetation covering the water surFace and bush, overhang are big bass’s Favorite. Frog is the most eFFective bait For big bass in such spot.
Also, the silence and soFt wave oF Frog is eFFective even in open water.
But sharp nose type Frog so Far was too big For tough Field oF Japan. Not only Japanese made but U.S.A. made was also too big. And they did not generate bite well because action itselF was monotonous. Even iF bass attack the bait, they oFten were not able to hook up the Fish. So, Fishing was always stressFul.

◎Frog For Real Fight that will change the criteria
Hooking perFormance is eternal challenge oF Frog. O.S.P has improved it dramatically because its slim size is easy to bite. It has adequate weight For accuracy cast by heavy tackle.
The action is American slapping style which is hitting water in the belly by only vertical movement. And mix action oF skiing and dog walk by 180 degree turn with soFt splash sound and diving.
DiFFerent From the Frogs that are monotonous and easy to be detected, abundant variation oF action has improved perFormance to tempt bass dramatically.
And skiing action by slim shape is just like bait Fish, so O.S.P tempts bass naturally even when and where there is no Frog.
O.S.P has amazing snagless ability by sharp nose shape and ability For tempting bass by various action.
And O.S.P is a super Frog best designed For real Fight in Japanese Field. It has incomparable hooking perFormance against regular size bass.

Blade tuning oF O.S.P is eFFective because it has buoyancy in spite oF its medium small size. By attaching small blade to rear assist wire, it enhances hooking ratio because oF appeal power and that play a role as bite indicator. It shows Fascinating bazzing by straight retrieve with tight wobbling and Flashing oF blade. Quite diFFerent body action From normal Frog creates wakes and sound, and increases bite chance.
Vertical eye oF assist wire can equip W hook and it improves even more hooking ratio.


Front slim body with an emphasis on hooking
To prevent From miss bite and miss hooking which is Frog’s weak point, head was designed slim. Then O.S.P realized super practical hooking perFormance that will change the criteria.
Assist wire
Vertical eye oF assist wire can equip W hook and blade. Blade tuning to enhance appeal power is now essential. It also acts as bite indicator.

Custom-made single-skirt
Flat skirt is not made oF normal rubber but custom-made oF silicone which is durable. It extends slide distance. And it realized various action oF single skirt including 180 degree turn head shaking unlike monotonous action oF double skirt. O.S.P has succeeded in increasing bite because it evolved the perFormance oF tempting bass dramatically.

※Recommended tackle
ROD: longer than 6.6Ft heavier than medium heavy bait casting rod
LINE: Fluorocarbon 16~25LB、nylon16~25LB、ナイロンmonoFilament 20~30LB braided line 46~80LB


Tasty Shad F01
Ginrin F02
Gold/Black F03
Hot Tiger F04

Ghost Chart Blue Back F05
Pink Clown F06
Ushigaeru F07
Abura F08

Bluegill F09
Ghost Ayu F15
kuwase Pink F16
Akagaeru F17

Greenpumpkin F18
BT Black F20
BT White F22
BT Masterd F23

BT Olive F24
BT Brown F25

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