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Length 53.0mm(2in.)
Weight 9.0g(5/16oz.)
Hook Size #6
Dives 0-6ft.
Color 13
Released July - 2004

a new type that accelerated the evolutionary process of shallow crankbaits

Blitz is a shallow crankbait that can be used to aggressively attack the shallow areas. At first glance, it may look like a normal crankbait, but it is packed with new elements, such as the circuit board lip, the lightweight honeycomb body, and the bottom-balanced tungsten weight system, which all enhance action. Its performance level has skipped several generations and has evolved into a completely new type.


HP Slash Bill
The wide square shape allows the lure to avoid hang-ups and maintain balance as it bumps cover. The hard lip is highly sensitive and will precisely transmit the details of the bottom.
Honeycomb HP Body
The insides of the body have been reduced to keep the lure light and to increase buoyancy. It is virtually snag-free because the body floats after it hits cover.

Single Bottom-Balanced Weight System
The weight is placed as low as possible for an incredible response.
Semi-Flat Body
Although keeping the snag-free trait of a round crankbait, it has a semi-flat body construction that yields better flash and appeal.


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American Sunfish H-03
Chartreuse/Blue Back P-07
Red Craw Z-08

Crystal Blue Shiner H-09
Mat Tiger M-14
Chart Black Back P-20
銀鱗-Ginrin- H-23

Tasty Shad P-23
Brown Tiger P-27
Green Craw Z-37
Vanilla/Chartreuse P-39

Half Mirror Gold HH-53
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