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Length 48mm(Body)
Color 10
Count 2
Release July 2020

Ribbit ribbit makes water surface noisy

“The Drippy” is the innovative frog worm that will renew the common sense of frog. The drill tail which is jointly developed with the lure brand "Teckel" produces splash with spinning itself like panicked bait fish by simple retrieve and when you jerk it appeals strongly with splash like popper or darter. And when you use it at closed area, it tempts bass slowly on the spot. The weight of this bait is about 11g. So ML~M rod will give you comfortable performance when you cast it or move it. In addition, single hook and the hollow structure and softness of the material make it easy to hook more than a frog or worm without using braided line. So this bait does not require special tackle for frog. Contrary to the cute looks, “The Drippy” is a super practical bait that anyone can fish easily. If you use this bait, you can watch exciting bass bite, no doubt about that.

The man who created “The Drippy”
O.S.P pro staff Kazufumi Yamaoka who fishes Japanese top rank tournament has been using various kind of frog bait as a worm and has made a good result. “The Drippy” was made under his supervision putting everything he had and was released as O.S.P works loco.

Recommended tackle
Baitcasting rod: ML〜M power
Line: Braided line (about 50lb) or fluorocarbon line about 14 lb
Hook: Offset hook #3/0(Ryugi Infini #3/0 of Sasame Bari is attached)

Hook Setting



“The Drippy” swims more stable if you insert the hook at red arrow

This part is a kind of engine of “The Drippy”. Simple retrieve creates rotation and splash and sound which tempt bass. Short twitch makes you seduce bass slowly because “The Drippy” catches water and moves almost on the spot. This part was developed with Teckle brand.

“The Drippy” has a hollow construction but also has a thick back and belly to equip practical performance (to gain buoyancy and hooking ability)

Attached parts(From above): Ryugi Infini #3/0(1) Cultiva twist rock spring (2) Custom made rolling swibel (2) Custom made rubber stopped (2)

The red circle of drill tail is a small hole to insert nail sinker. By inserting 0.3g ~1g nail sinker, drill tail catches water and creates strong action.


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White Shiner DP09
Pink Back Black DP10

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