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Weight 3.5g/5.0g/7.0g/
Skirt Fine rubber / Silicon rubber
Released September - 2009

O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE”HUNTS” was developed to winch big bass from high pressure field. Finesse jig is quite practical lure because it can elicit bite of big bass. Finesse jigs of O.S.P are always ready for sudden attack of big bass. So they are all heavy duty. Also they have “tempting performance” and “hooking performance”. “Tempting performance” breaks hesitation of bass that is about to bite and “hooking performance” never let bass go when they bite. Plus, they have snagless performance which makes subtle approach possible and prevent from hanging. Main concept of O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE”HUNTS” is the perfect fusion of these performances. The balance of unique head shape and rear line eye can keep horizontal posture and correspond to subtle temptation, so bass does not become suspicious. Once you get a bite, semi-long shank catches the jaw of bass firmly, because it is specially selected for hooking. “O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE”HUNTS” brushed up only the performance required at the field. It eliminated decoration for eye-catching, but only sought for performance to elicit bass and catch them. The real standard to elicit and catch experienced bass. That is “HUNTS”


Keeping high stability inherited from football, semi-football of “HUNTS” prevent from being caught by structure because side was stripped down. This head has both advantage of football and round head. The center of gravity is concentrated to the head and the line eye is installed at the rear side from head center, “HUNTS” realized sharp action. Weight display helps you select the jig instantly.
Oval guard
“HUNTS” is supposed to be used in open field and medium cover. It has best brush number for each weight to adjust the situation. Brush guard is planted horizontally, so it guards hook from side and upper effectively. The hooking performance is amazing because it guards hook with small number of brush.

Worm keeper
Thin keeper makes center of gravity concentrate on head. So, “HUNTS” realized sharp action, sensitivity and aggressive fall along the structure. Sharp three steps prevent trailer worm from displacement. It corresponds to rough use like skipping, etc.
Semi-long hook
To cope with big fish or to fight roughly around cover, “HUNTS” adopted made-in-Japan flat out process hook with adequate strength. Hook has ideal strength and thickness that penetrates the jaw of bass well. The size of the hook is decided according to each size. Semi-long shank penetrates the jaw of bass firmly, never allow miss hoking.


Black F01
Black/Blue F02
Black/Brown F03
Black/Brown/Liver F04

Brown/Liver/Red F06
Cinnamon/Brown F07
Ice Shad S01
Tenaga S05

Black S07
Swampy S08
Sujiebi S09
Greenpumpkin/chart S10

Greenpumpkin/Blue Flake S12
Bleeding Shrimp S13
Molted Shrimp S14
Greenpumpkin Shad S15

Ghost Moebi S17
Mad Brown S18
WaterMelon S19
Amezari S20

Maddy Shrimp S22
White Crystal S23
Lime Chart S24
GreenPumpkin/Gill S25

Scuppernong/Blue Flake S26
Dark Cinnamon / Blue Frake S27
Ebimiso Black S33
Gorimiso Black S34

NO color weight
3.5g 5g 7g 9g 11g 14g 17g 21g
F01 Black    
F02 Black/Blue    
F03 Black/Brown    
F04 Black/Brown/Liver    
F06 Brown/Liver/Red    
F07 Cinnamon/Brown    
S01 Ice Shad    
S05 Tenaga
S07 Black
S08 Swampy    
S09 Sujiebi    
S10 Greenpumpkin/chart
S12 Greenpumpkin/Blue Flake
S13 Bleeding Shrimp    
S14 Molted Shrimp    
S15 Greenpumpkin Shad
S17 Ghost Moebi    
S18 Mad Brown    
S19 WaterMelon    
S20 Amezari
S22 Maddy Shrimp    
S23 White Crystal    
S24 Lime Chart    
S25 GreenPumpkin/Gill
S26 Scuppernong/Blue Flake    
S27 Dark Sinnamon Blue Flake    
S33 Ebimiso Black    
S34 Gorimiso Black    

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