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DoLiveSS-Gill SW

DoLiveSS-Gill SW

Length 3.6in
Color 6
Count 5
Rereaced Apr-2021

DoLiveSS-Gill SW was born from the need of "there is a bite that can be obtained only by DoLiveSS-Gill" in flat fish in sea boat fishing. Basically, mid-rise swimming with jig head, lift & fall. Full cast with a rig with a weight of 30g or more, and non-salt and semi-hard materials are used in consideration of usage conditions that repeat intense actions. Non-salt makes its own weight lighter and improves durability. A material with moderate elasticity and a sense of life induces a bite again even after a miss bite. Complex movements on the seabed due to the flat body are also effective for rock fish. DoLiveSS-Gill SW will be a new drawer for soft lure games.


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Pink Back Glow TW110
Red Gold TW170
Orange/Chart TW175

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