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Length 53.0mm(2in.)
Weight 12g(7/16oz.)
Type Floating
Hook Size #6
Color 11
Released September - 2011

“Ex deep" was born from no other reason but “necessity".

Throughout the year, 3-4m depth is a key range of almost all fields in certain season. You can not pass that range because of stable water temperature and abundance of bait fish. If you want to trace this range quick and wide, you have to choose fast moving lures. Normally, crankbait that can dive 4m deep has big and heavy body and weight transfer system in order to create long cast distance. But nowadays deep crankbait that exceeds common sense of body size is required because of high pressure of crowded major lake. Also, the size of bait fish is not the same, so just one type crankbait can not always be available.

“Ex deep" was developed to realize compact body without weight transfer system.
If weight transfer system is excluded, difficulty of development increases to unite flight and swimming ability. But the obtained performance is quite fantastic, no substitute.
Namely ,it does not need to have rib to guide weight, a body without superfluous flesh starts swimming quickly and get more bites by “stop and go" and keeping effective lure action by slow retrieve. Every action was improved like very quick retrieve.

It has been problem to realize adequate distance to dive 4m depth with 12g weight without weight transfer system. But we succeeded in that setting.
It has a shad like body of vertical flat shape by shaving breadth which is good in tough condition. Body side is semi flat that flashes and stirs water which appeals widely and makes bass bite.
It can be said that “Ex deep" has natural action like shad to create bite under tough condition, but reach 4m depth very quickly. So it really exceeds the common sense of deep crankbait.


Honey comb super HP body (PAT.)
By reinforcing inside body with hexagon rib, succeeded in 40% reducing the thickness of side body (compared with our products).
The installing weight can be improved by lightening a plastic part, and the action response improves by one point centralization of center of gravity. It reached the action at the level not easily detected by bass.
Super long bill
It makes lure reach 4m depth smoothly and realizes light feeling that you can keep on retrieving even all day long. Snagless ability is excellent against any kind of structure like stone timbers and weed. When bottom knocking, it totters a little but you can trace the straight line as you want.

Semi-Flat Body
Simi flat body side strengthens flashing and water stir, and appealing not only to the eye but lateral line of fish. So it can gather bass more widely and increase bite.


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