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Length 89mm
Weight 11.8g
Type Slow Floating
Hook #6
Ring #2
Color 10
Release Nov-2023

Build new deep minnowing by improving performance

The short bill minnow is a world standard lure that has a silhouette similar to a real baitfish and is often used at depths of 1 to 2 meters regardless of the season. On the other hand, minnows that attack water deeper than 2.5m are not widely used. In such a situation, O.S.P made a new proposal. We aimed for minnows that can be fished at depths of about 3.5 to 4 meters using bait tackle. The size of a typical minnow is approximately 7 to 13 cm, but we chose a 9 cm class minnow that has the weight to provide the required flying distance to make the minnow dive 4 m, and has a size similar to that of baitfish in that range. In order to differentiate it from a crank, we also focused on its slenderness, which is the advantage of minnows. In the first place, one of the drawbacks of long bill minnows is that it is difficult to achieve long distances. This tendency is especially noticeable as the lip size increases to differentiate the range.

ASURA89EX-DR allows for long casts even with large lips due to the shift of the center of gravity of W tungsten and the body shape that reduces air resistance. The action features a honeycomb body that maintains light weight and strength, and a low center of gravity to achieve a tight action with a good swim start and high pitch. It has high evasion ability due to its long lip, and can dive at a steep angle and reach up to 4.2m from the water surface. Even after twitching, it keeps the range and slides sharply. In this way, by overcoming the challenges of the genre and achieving a water depth of over 4m with a slender 9cm body, we aim to create an existence value that has never been seen before.



W Tungsten center of gravity movement: By using two high-density tungsten weights as moving weights, it is miniaturized and rolls to the tip of the tail. Significantly increases the flying distance, which tends to be the weak point of long bill minnows. It also lowers the center of gravity when swimming, contributing to increased stability and response.

Super Longbill: In order to overturn the image of longbill minnows as having a slender body with large lips that are difficult to fly, this is a driving force that increases the flight distance and at the same time leads to over 4m.

By placing honeycomb ribs inside the body, the body wall thickness has been reduced by approximately 40% compared to our previous models. By reducing the weight while maintaining strength, the center of gravity can be concentrated and responsive action can be achieved. A technology widely used in aircraft and ships.





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