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Weight 3/8oz.
Released October - 2007

Impact sound is MAX decibel

We should not forget about sound when we talk about buzzbait.
This sound has two elements. One is “quality” and the other is ”volume”.
These two different elements has been making history of buzzbait along with prop, cracker, wire, head, revet.
O.S.P released O.S.P BUZZ ZEROONE in 2003 focusing on reproducing “sound” of tuned buzzbait that was a secret of top pro.
This time O.S.P sought “volume” which threatens bass and has the power to appeal and generate reaction bite. Because density of bass is now stable in Japanese field.
“Volume” reminds us of head hitter type but they have weak point, namely castability and accuracy.
Then cracker buzzbait was selected among various types to realize better “volume” and performance.
We reached the conclusion that material and shape of cracker is the key to surpass existing cracker buzzbait.
Brass material was adopted for cracker for the first time in the world. It succeeded in hitting prop as wide as possible with its special design.
The shape of head inherited surfing head as O.S.P BUZZ ZEROONE to produce quick floating and high snaglessness.
So it made possible to attack bass floating under the cover efficiently and boldly.
And big prop was equipped to make big splash by the rotation of prop.
Cracker type buzzbait swims directly as angler intends because it goes very straight. Therefore checking far deep of complicated cover became possible.
Now that O.S.P BUZZ ZEROTWO BEAT has acquired “volume”, its high performance is making a new history.


BEAT cracker
As a result of pursuit of “volume” of buzzbait, we reached the origin named “material”. Most of material of existing cracker was aluminum alloy. Mass of aluminum alloy is light, so the volume it generates when it hits prop is not satisfactory.
So we checked every material to make the most of the impact sound of cracker, we reached the conclusion namely brass material. This material has hardness compared to aluminum alloy, produces strong sound when it hits prop. Generally, brass is used for instrumentals or bell for warning bears, this material is good to create “volume”.
Surfing head Ⅱ
Head is wide and flat shape, and was designed to imitate shad. Bottom shape which is just like hull (ship bottom) contributes to floating ability and it easily dodges floating structure. Thus this lure has the basic ability of buzzbait at its highest level.

Rear center of gravity weight
By placing the weight between head and worm keeper, center of gravity was set in the rear. And so its stable flight attitude and castability surpass head hitter type.
In comparison of weight BEAT cracker intentionally adopted quite heavy part 1.4g, whereas aluminum cracker 0.6g. To create strong hit against heavy BEAT cracker, large size prop was adopted. It performs high floatability and big splash. This prop is indispensable for synergy effect to maximize the merit of BEAT cracker.



Vivid Pearl White S06
Spark White Chart ST21
Killer Gold S22
Impact Lime Chart S35

Sunfish Tiger S38
Chart Back Ayu S39
Blue Gill S45
Define Black S52

One Punch Pink S53
Crystal Shad S54
Blue Back Chart S56
Bloody Shad S58

K.O.C.S. S59
Wakasagi S60
Ghost Chart Blue Back S61
LB Shad S63

Wild Gill S64
Fire Orange S66
Wakasagi Flash S67
Vagetable S69

Black FL Silver S70
Black FL Gold S71
Sexy Pink S72
Color No. Name Weight
Original Eco
3/8oz 3/8oz
S06 Vivid Pearl White
ST21 Spark White Chart
S22 Killer Gold
S35 Impact Lime Chart
S38 Sun Fish Tiger
S39 Chart Back Ayu
S45 Blue Gill
S52 Define Black
S53 One Punch Pink
S54 Crystal Shad
S56 Blue Back Chart
S58 Bloody Shad
S59 K.O.C.S
S60 Wakasagi
S61 Ghost Chart Blue Back
S63 LB Shad
S64 Wild Gill
S66 Fire Orange
S67 Wakasagi Flash
S69 Vagetable
S70 Black FL Silver
S71 Black FL Gold
S72 Sexy Pink

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