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Shunsuke kanazawa got the first prize at V.L.S.T tournament!

O.S.P pro staff Shunsuke Kanazawa wins V.L.S.T tournament held on July 7th at Lake Hibara with 3 fish 2650g.

His baits were
Imo tuned HP Shad Tail 2.5(ghost shrimp)
Do-Live Shad 2.5(sight special ver2)

Youji Terasawa was 2nd at NBC Chapter Tokyo 3rd!

NBC Chapter Tokyo 3rd was held on July 7th at Lake Tsukui in Kanagawa Pref. O.S.P pro staff Youji Terasawa finished 2nd with 3 fish 3880g using 3.1g neko rigged HP3D Wacky 4.3(green pumpkin・pink) and weightless rigged HP Bug 1.5(green pumpkin pepper)

O.S.P employee wins Casting Western Series Tournament!

Casting Western Series Tournament 2nd was held on July 7th at Sagami Lake Kanagawa Pref. O.S.P employee Hashimoto won with 3 fish 2485g using 7g heavy drop shot rigged HP Shad Tail 2.5 salt color(pearl glow) and weightless wacky rigged Do-Live Crawler (Mimizu).

He finished 3rd at the first tournament and so his temporary ranking is 1s!

Takashi Otsuka wins NBC Chapter Bousou!

O.S.P pro staff Takashi Otsuka won NBC Chapter Bousou 4th held on July 3rd at Kameyama Dam with 3 fish 3205g. He used 1.8g cover neko rigged HP3D Wacky 4.3(MiMizu)

Orikin caught a good size with Blitz!

H-1 Grand Prix Tournament 3rd was held on June 30th at Ushiku Numa. Kazuki Orikane aka Orikin caught 1 fish 1340g and finished 12th which made him 1st of temporary ranking.

The bait he used was Blitz (honey lavender)

O.S.P New Item Information, August-2019


Naya did it with 3355g!

The Benten tournament was held on June 23rd at Kasumigaura Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Yasuhiro Naya won with 3fish 3355g.

He used 1/16oz cover neko riged Do=Live Crawler 5.5(dark cinnamon blue & pepper)

Shunske Kanai wins TKW tournament 1st !

TKW tournament 1st was held on June 6th at Tsukui Lake in Kanagawa Pref.

O.S.P pro staff Shunske Kanai wins with 3 fish 2790g. He mainly used 2.7g leaderless dropshot rigged Do-Live Beaver 3. He aimed at shallow bush and manmade structure.

His baits were
・2.7g leaderless dropshot rigged Do-Live Beaver 3(dark cinnamon blue pepper)
・15g heavy Carolina rigged Do-Live Shad 4(neon wakasagi)
・2.4g light Carolina rigged HP Shad tail(green thunder /green flake)

Yasuhiro Naya wins NBC Chapter Kasumigaura 2nd

NBC Chapter Kasumigaura 2nd was held on June 2nd at Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Pref.

O.S.P pro staff Hiroyasu Naya wins with 3 fish 2891g

His baits were
・1.8g neko rigged Do-Live Crawler 5.5( dark cinnamon blue pepper)
・Weightless backslide setting Do-Live Stick 4.5(dark cinnamon blue pepper)
・2.7g drop shot rigged HP Shad tail 2.5(dark cinnamon blue pepper)

Kenichro Honda made 3rd place at Meguro CUP

Meguro Cup was held on May 18th on Lake Hibara in Fukushima Pref. O.S.P pro staff Kenichiro Honda finished 3rd with 3 fish 3532g.

The baits he used were
・1.4g Jig headed HP Shad Tail 2.5(Ebi miso black)
・weightless rigged with octopus hook HP Minnow (pink back shiner)
・Do-Live Beaver 3(dark cinnamon blue pepper)+1/4 football

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