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Takashi Otsuka came in 3rd with 05 Tugger 3.3g +HP Shad Tail 3.1

NBC Shin-Tonegawa final was held on Oct. 6th at Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki Pref. O.S.P pro staff Takashi Otsuka came in 3rd with 1 fish 1280g under tough condition using 05 Tugger 3.3g +HP Shad Tail 3.1.

His tackle was
Rod: Baitcasting rod 6.6 ML
Line: fluorocarbon 12lb
Lure: 05 Tugger 3.3g (amezari)+HP Shad Tail 3.1(ebi miso black)

2020 NBC Chapter series was ended and Takashi Otsuka placed 3rd of yearly ranking.

Yoichi Hashimoto came in 2nd at ABU Cup of JB Kasumigaura series

O.S.P pro staff Yoichi Hashimoto got second prize at ABU Cup of JB Kasumigaura series held on Oct 4th using Blade Jig Eco 3/8 and Do-Live Stick 4.5.

Here is the report written by him.

I fished Lake Kasumigaura for about a month before the tournament and got some fish , but I was not able to find reliable pattern. Bad water was diminishing from a week ago. and I sensed that fast moving lure was becoming effective because I caught good bass with High Pitcher 3/8oz the previous day.

I start my fishing with Eco High Pitcher only because using many lures will bring me nowhere at such condition. I headed for the 1 meter deep rock area where I caught bass the day before.

I searched for the stretch one time but it was not easy in deadly calm condition. So I switched to Blade Jig 3/8 ECO (black) which has transparent blade to be made for bass that hate metallic glitter.

Then I fished the same stretch and got bite immediately and 1700g good bass came out.

But I did not get bite after that so I changed area and restart fishing but got no bite.

I switched to aim at bush because the weather was getting brighter. And I caught valuable 600g fish with Do-Live Stick 4.5(dark cinnamon, blue &pepper of glide away setting.

Flexibility is really important in fishing!

I went around several bush but got no fish so I used Blade Jig again at the rock area and got 600g fish. Time was 10 o’clock then.
I tried to catch more fish and increase my weight but the time was up.
I thought I would be barely among top 5 but my score was 2946g that was more than I expected which made me runner up.
I am satisfied because I got second prize with fast moving lure in this season.

Tackle 1
Rod: Baitcasting rod glass 6.10 ft M action
Reel:Baitcastion Reel 7.2:1 gear ratio.
Line: fluorocarbon 13lb
Lure: Blade Jig 3/8oz ECO(black)

Tackle 2
Rod: Baitcasting rod graphite 6.9 ft M action
Reel:Baitcastion Reel 7.2:1 gear ratio.
Line: fluorocarbon 14lb
Lure: Do-Live Stick 4.5(dark cinnamon, blue &pepper)

O.S.P New Item Information, Nov-2020


Kenichoro Honda became the A.O.Y. of the WMC(Weekday Megro Cup)

O.S.P pro staff Kenichiro Honda finished 3rd at the final of WMC(Weekday Megro Cup)

held by Gold House Megro in Lake Hibara with 2360g using 03 Hunts 11g & 14g + Do-Live Beaver 3.5 and this made him the A.O.Y. of the tournament.

This is his comment
Football jig is a light rig for me at Lake Hibara which means the strongest bite creator. and the most confident bait.
Shooting football jig using the power of Do-Live Beaver is the strongest method.
Dark color is effective in deep water because the silhouette is clear.

Takuya Hashimoto came in 2nd at the same tournament

O.S.P pro staff Takuya Hashimoto and his partner Tomoya Takahashi caught 2 day total 9 fish 6910g using HP3D Wacky and Do-Live SS Gill and became runner up

This is his bait
2.2g neko rigged HP3D Wacky 5 (black)

Shin Imai came in 3rd at W.B.S. pro Tournament 2nd.

W.B.S.pro tournament 2nd was held on Sep, 12th and 13th at Lake Kasumigaura and Kitaura. O.S.P pro staff Shin Imai and his partner Mikio Suzuki caught 2 day total 6fish 5560g with Do-Live Beaver 3.5 and finished 3rd.

His tackle were
Tackle 1
Rod: baitcastiong rod 67MH
Reel: baitcasting reel
Line: fluorocarbon 16lb
Lure: 7g leaderless drop shot Do-Live Beaver 3.5(ebi-miso black)

Tackle 2
Rod: baitcastiong rod 71HST
Reel: baitcasting reel
Line: fluorocarbon 16lb
Lure: 7g leaderless drop shot Do-Live Beaver 3.5( black)

His remark
Mainly I used Do-Live Beaver 3.5 for this game. I kept on casting because this bait is very reliable good for both swimming and pitching. Especially black worked well.

Takaki Abe wins JB Irukaike with HP Shadtail!

JB Irukaike was held on Sep.6th and Takaki Abe came in first with 3 fish 5965g using HP Shadtail 2

He used
1 HP Shadtail 2 (neon wakasagi)
2 HP Shadtail 2.5(wakasagi , solid cinnamon, pink wakasagi)

Ryosuke Kisaka finished 3rd with Picro 68F, HP Bug, Do-Live Beaver 4

O.S.P pro staff Ryosuke Kisaka finished 3rd at Chapter Hiroshima held on Aug. 30th
making the most of “Picro 68F”, “HP Bug”,” Do-Live Beaver 4” and he caught 3 fish 3801g!

His tackle for HP Bug was
Rod: baitcasting rod 6.5ft L
Reel: spinning reel HG
Line: braided line 10lb +fluorocarbon line 5.5lb
Lure: weightless rigged HP Bub 1.5 (kawaebi)

Tackle for Do-Live Beaver
Rod: baitcasting rod 6.8ft MH
Reel: baitcasting reel HG
Line: fluorocarbon line 14lb
Lure: 3/8oz leaderless dropshot rigged Do-Live Beaver 4(green pumpkin pepper)

His comment was I made 3 fish limit early in the morning and after that I went upstream to fish big one and I made it with ” Do-Live Beaver 4”. After that I searched for even bigger one and I caught 2 big fish by sight fishing. After all I culled 3 fish which I caught in the morning And I came in the 3rd place.I will do my best for the rest of the tournament.

O.S.P New Item Information, Oct-2020


David Dudley finished in 7th place with Blitz Max MR!

David Dudley got the 7th prize at the FLW Super Tournament held on from 11th to 14th of Aug at Lake Erie in Ohio. His main bait was BLITZ MR (Vanilla chartreuse) and BLITZ MAX DR (Tasty shad). Here is a report from Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe aka Nabesan who is a good friend of Dudley.

Well I got a good news last week from U.S.A. I am Hiroyuki Watanabe “Nabesan”, already back in Japan. My fishing teacher David Dudley finished 7th at the FLW Super Tournament held on from 11th to 14th of Aug at Lake Erie in Ohio. Mostly he used O.S.P Blitz series. I helped him preparing for the tournament at his house.

I prepared a lot of O.S.P baits that I have been using for a long time, and sent him out to the northern match.

Dudley and I have checked this lake in 2017 with his eldest son Mason. I wrote about that in my weblog and we knew that the lake is always rough.

And we caught some good largemouth bass.

Also we understood how to fish small mouth bass.

Not to mention, these fish were caught with O.S.P baits. And he made it at the ultimate tournament! This result showed the power of Blitz again!

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