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Length 130mm(5-1/8in.)
Weight 20.5g(3/4oz.)
Type TOP Floating
Hook Size #3
Color 6
Released November - 2012

A quite rare standard

Bent minnow 130 irritates the instinct of any kind of fish eater like seabass, dolphin and fish with blue back by one and only action created by bent body.
There are many selective targets among surface game, Bent minnow produces doubtless rushing bite by the action that surpasses the dimension of lure.
You can cast long by the tackle of medium class because it has 20.5g weight and so, it can cope with big one of meter fish.
Once you let it swim, it performs light and quick dart and dive action. Then it jumps up onto surface with splash. This action is almost like small fish.
Bent body reflects lights from all direction so it shows blinking flash and hard twist.
The swimming action of Bent minnow is so rounded and irregular that it can make a target bite whenever it moves slow or fast. That action is 3D which neither angler nor target can predict direction and it is effective for experienced target. It causes aggressive bite by irritating targets.
Continuous twitch produces panic action of bait fish just before being run about trying to escape and eaten.
It disappears from a field of view momentarily by uncatchable irregular action, and irritates a target.
Bent minnow is one and only bait that makes a target bite sometimes naturally sometimes madly by entirely different function from minnows with lips.


Dead sticking
The appearance of bend body floating on the surface of water sideways is almost dying bait fish itself. It makes even selective bass react by making ripple from spasm action and long pause.
Twitch and pause
A few twitching and pause by letting it float is the basic action. It performs running and resting feeble bait fish with last power. To perform this feeble bait fish, you have to handle rod very soft. This action is only possible by Bent minnow because it darts by soft rod action.

Continuous twitch on the surface of water
Continuous twitch will create more irregular action not only left and light but upside down tricky dart. So it performs escaping bait fish being chased by fish eater.


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