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OrikanemushiDaddy MUSHI

Length 41.5mm
Weight 4.5g
Type Floating
Released June - 2015

Thrust it by bait finesse tackle, fly it by spinning tackle!

“Orikane-mushi Dady” inherited the ability for winning that original model pursuit.

Namely, ・Amazing attractive power by pop and splash sound.
・Quite baitlike existence that can elicit bite by just letting it float.
・Both snaggless ability and high hooking rate.

Volume-up body realized high appeal power and power for tempting big bass. So this should be called high potential model. Weight has increased 1.6 times heavier (4.5g) than original model. This contributed to castability very much. You can cast it with baitcasting tackle, so you can attack deep cover where used to be dangerous to use light line. Only baitcasting tackle performs precise cast and high pitch cast, So bite chance has increased. Moreover, if you use spinning tackle, you can cast it very long. Thus Orikane-mushi Dady has overcome the weak point of bug lure, namely distance. Bug lure has stepped into unknown area. Orikane-mushi Daddy is aggressively evolve bug fishing.


Head is designed like cup shape, so it generates pop and splash sound by twitching. It is easily found by bass, so it elicits bass from the deep cover and deep range of water. The cup of Daddy is bigger, so it creates bigger pop sound and splash. Therefor Daddy attracts many fish.
Arms and legs
By capturing water tightly, it tempts bass without moving long. When you shake it, arms and legs reproduce drowning bug or frog because arms and legs repeat opening and closing. Daddy is equipped bigger legs and creates lively vibration and ripple.

Fin that surrounds whole body reduces sinking of body and helps legs float on the surface of water which is Orikane’s ideal.
2 brush guards are arranged straight vertical so when you cut one of them it still guards the centerline of the hook. When you fish heavy cover, 2 guards is recommended, but you have to open them wide. When you fish light cover, 1 guard is recommended. And when you fish open water, no-guard is recommended because of hooking efficiency. Orikane-mushi Daddy has adopted harder guard material under the consideration of approach to hard cover.

Orikane-mushi Daddy adopted FINA hook because it has both sharp penetration and strong power. Downward hook point and line eye are the best for hooking. That is the conclusion of Orikane after he tested various hooking pattern.
Hook set marker
When you switch lure to spare body, pull out the hook point to the dot. You can set it very straightly at one time.

Bug lures so far quite often fell on the water with its body up-side-down. If the hook faces upward, body slides on the water surface and causes miss hooking. Orikane-mushi realized low center of gravity by putting weight in the lower chin. It flies very stable and never falls on the water up-side-down, even if so, it quickly comes back to normal position by 1 action.

●Inner structure
By putting weight at the bottom of head, it flies longer than same class bug lure, and prevents from up-side-down landing.

●Recommended tackle
[Spinning tackle]
Rod : L~M
LINE : Fluorocarbon or Nylon 3-5lb PE7lb-14lb

[Baitfinsse tackle]
Rod : L~M
LINE : Fluorocarbon or Nylon .6-12lb


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