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DoliveStick SPEC2 NonSalt

DoliveStick SPEC2 NonSalt

Special bait born by chance! “Do-Live Stick” SPEC2 non-salt model debut!

“Do-Live Stick” 4.5 inch was born to respond to eager request of local anglers. And “Do-Live Stick” SPEC2 is a non-salt model of “Do-Live Stick”

The reason why this bait was born is so called “Nagoya method” originated from northern area of Lake Biwa. To make a long story short to describe this method, “Nagoya method” is the way to catch big bass with subtle swimming by shaking using jighead rigged stick bait.

To perform this method the bait needs natural shape and action just like bait fish and light material that makes bait swim naturally without being caught by something at the bottom. At the same time the bait must have adequate weight to have castability with light jighead rig.

Not many baits can resolve this contradiction, but “Do-Live Stick” SPEC 2 was one of them. But “Do-Live Stick” SPEC 2 has lower center of gravity by adding small amount of salt in belly seeking for stability for weightless rig.

What “Nagoya method” anglers wanted as ideal performance was being able to swim slower than “Do-Live Stick” SPEC 2 and to touch bottom or weed softly. We send them prototype of the non-salt bait to be used in the actual field and we got the reply that it has ideal action and weed touch feeling.

When 60cm over was caught with the bait we convinced the ability of the bait. But non-salt is also god for weightless rig because of excellent performance on the surface. And it holds hook tightly when you use it for a trailer of bladed jig or spinnerbait.

It is also the merit of non-salt that hooks never gather rust if you leave rigged bait. Non-salt material has made a brand new temptation possible. We want you to feel the new world of “Do-Live Stick”


DoliveStick SPEC2 NonSalt
Nagoya method
“Nagoya method” is the way to catch big bass with subtle swimming by shaking using jighead rigged stick bait.


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