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DoLiveHog SW

DoLiveHog SW
Length 2.5in
Color 6
Count 5
Rereaced Apr-2022

The Drive Hog SW was born out of necessity

The DoLive Hog was designed as a Bass fishing worm for high pressure fields. Its small silhouette, with parts designed for movement, is characterized by its lifelike action and strong water push. Its high fishing performance is not limited to bass fishing. It is heavily used for Bream fishing in Tokyo Bay. This time. A color specialized for ocean fishing has been created.


DoLiveHog SW
Twin curly tail
Normally, it is not good for the action of curly tails if they fall slowly by the water resistance. But the curly tails of “Do-Live Hog”moves well even when it fall slowly by designing the shape and thickness. Projections provided on the surface, reduces the sticking to the cover.
They generate natural action along with rod work because it has best thickness and body constriction without losing response. Also, they contribute to the appeal of “Do-Live Hog” because they displace the water at the same time when they start to move.

3 pairs of short leg tremble finely and a pair of long leg moves lively. Variety of action generates more liveliness.
Hula skirt
It makes subtle temptation and appeal like small rubber jig possible. There is almost no burr by high-precision molding, give the best of flare performance.


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