Weight 3/8oz.(blue bead),1/2oz.(red bead),5/8oz.(yellow bead),3/4oz.(green bead)
Type TW / DW
Released October - 2014

Appearance gathers fish, action elicits bite.

High-pitcher is compact spinner bait. But it has strong appeal power which is a merit of spinner bait. That is why High-pitcher has left a lot of achievement under tough circumstances.

But in actual fishing scene, there was a situation that High-pitcher was not almighty.

So, High-pitcher Max was developed. It inherited excellent High-pitcher concept and maximize the appeal by size-up, and incorporated new elements.

What we were particular about was skirt action. Different length skirt makes whole silhouette of the lure look almost like bait fish.

Blade is not size-up model from High-pitcher. But new blade size best for MAX (compared to our product) was developed.

Original blade transmits vivid vibration to the grip and gives skirts lively action.

Compact head might make you confuse when you pick up lure, but it contributes to snaglessness and long castabilty because of less air resistance.

Thus, High-pitcher MAX aims at high standard of regular size spinnerbait with maximizing appeal power and fascinating skirt action that elicits bite.


Hard stainless steel wire has durability and provides smooth retrieve in weed area and transmits vibration to anglers firmly. Wire adopts the diameter to be the best match for each weight. (3/8oz:0.8mm、1/2,5/8,3/4oz:0.9mm)
Blade inherited basic performance of High Pitcher but not just enlargement. To realize the best setting that front and rear blades rotate with good balance, High-pitcher MAX adopted subtle size like #3.3、3.8. Namely High-pitcher MAX has 2 blade patterns, one is for light weight= 3/8,1/2oz and the other is for heavy weight =5/8、3/4oz.
Blades of 3/8、1/2oz catch water well even when you retrieve slowly and produce powerful flashing and vibration.
Blades of 5/8、3/4oz has sensitive vibration and smooth retrieve feeling. You will instantly sense even weed touch.
#3.8、4.5 are equipped for double willow, #3.5、4.5 for tandem willow.

Rear center of gravity system was adopted to make compact head. It contributes to snaglessness in the complicated vegetation and to the castability because of least air resistance.
High-pitcher MAX has equipped #4/0 hook. It is tough and durable and has best balance with body. Not to mention it can handle big fish easily.

Upper skirt flares wide and conceals the hook. It stirs the water firmly and prevents skirt from tangling each other, and attracts fish with vibrant action. When lure flies, whole skirts are folded. Thus, by reducing air resistance, lure flies longer with stable posture without rotation. One more characteristic of this lure is 8 long skirts. It swims like the tails of baitfish and conceal the hook. Lifelike mix action of upper skirt and long skirt tempts bass.

●Blade Size

3/8oz、1/2oz→FRONT#3.3 REAR#4.0
5/8oz、3/4oz→FRONT#3.8 REAR#4.5

3/8oz、1/2oz→FRONT#3.0 REAR#4.0
5/8oz、3/4oz→FRONT#3.5 REAR#4.5


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Vivid Pearl White S06
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