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. August 2023
Length 180mm
Weight About 50g
Type Floating
Ring Line Eye #4 / Front Hook Eye #4 / Rear Hook Eye #3
Color 7
Other One spare tail included
Date of release

The next generation of big baits has arrived. The true value evolves.

KAREN is a next-generation big bait that combines the wave action of a hard bait with the naturalness of a soft bait, and can be used in a variety of ways in any field. It can be used in open areas as well as around cover, where conventional big baits cannot be used. The wide square lip provides a good feel when reeling in the bait while also providing high cover avoidance performance. The soft material body on the tail side wiggles more naturally than jointed baits while enabling skipping with overwhelming extension.

For example, when fishing in open areas where bass are very wary, it is possible to mislead them into biting by showing them a fast retrieve at the limit. Also, for bass lurking in heavy cover or overhangs, KAREN's high cover-avoidance performance enables a forceful approach, pulling the lure to the outside of the cover and making it bite in a predatory behavior. The bass's unhesitant and aggressive bite is probably due to their recognition of KAREN as a real baitfish.

Usage and possible situations
Dead-sticking on the surface of the water, pulling with the "i", dead-slow retrieve.
These techniques are effective when bass are focused on the surface. The soft material of the body gives the lure a strong presence and attracts bites. It does not move more than necessary, and only the thin tail section moves naturally to confuse the bass's judgment. The KAREN180, with its presence and naturalness, is also suitable for a slow approach.

Swinging, stop and go
KAREN is also good at the basic action of moving to lure and stopping to make the fish eat. A short twitch with a head swing produces a weak bait fish. A short jerk with a wide wobble produces a baitfish that flees in an instant. These actions will get bass to bite.

Medium retrieve.
This action is the very essence of a swimming, defenseless baitfish. The wobble roll of the hard material head creates waves while the soft material body moves naturally. It is the hybrid structure that slows down the judgment of the bass that are chasing the lure and brings them to bite.

Fast retrieve
Many big baits cannot handle a retrieve that is too fast and the action breaks down, but KAREN is different. The hard material head provides stable action.

Recommended tackle
Rod: MH to H power bait rod around 7ft.
Line: Fluorocarbon line 14-20lb.
Hook used: Hayabusa KenClaw (front #1, rear #3)

Storage Precautions for KAREN180
After use, please check the "How to fix the soft material body" on the package. When not in use, remove the dedicated pin and store the head and soft material body separately in the dedicated package. 1 day's time is not a problem, but if they are adhered to each other for a long time, chemical cracks will occur on the head side. Thank you for your understanding.



KAREN's body joints are held in place by pins. The body can be easily replaced.

The KAREN package includes a rear hook (KENCLAW #3), a spare body, and a pin to thread a line between the hard body and the rear hook inside the worm body.

KAREN's back side and belly side


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