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Length 4.5in
Color 22
Count 7
Released April - 2016

Over 11g weight! Guarantees you comfortable pitching and long casting of weightless rig

Originally, “Do-Live Stick” was not developed to be used as back slide hook setting. But inserting the hook from rear part makes “Do-Live Stick” slide backward and proved to catch many fish. So it is becoming famous as back slide bait.

Still, sometimes there is a situation that even when you use 4.5inch (8.4g approx.) you can’t carry the bait to the spot you aimed or you can’t make good casting in the wind when you try to make the bait slide back under cover.

Natural falling action of “Do-Live Stick” is indispensable but anglers needed bait that has more castability and performance for cover fishing.

“Do-Live Stick Fat 4.5” was born from such demand. It realized thicker body shape that generates ideal voluntarily action.

The length is almost the same as original 4.5 inch model but “Do-Live Stick Fat 4.5” is 2.5g heavier (total weight: 11g or more).

It makes comfortable approach against heavy cover and can fish long range.

Needless to say, normal hook setting is also available. The combination of dart action by twitching and falling action that shakes the tail finely performs efficient check in the lateral direction.

Recommended hook is 4/0~5/0 wide gap to let it perform voluntary action 100% and to have firm setting the hook.

≪Recommended rig≫
Weightless rig back slide setting, normal setting

≪Recommended hook≫
Wide gap 4/0~5/0 offset hook , straight hook
FINA:T.N.S Offset、FPP Offset etc.


Although it has tall body, hooking ability is excellent because it has slit where the hook is rigged. Also it has ideal snagless ability because it has rib on the back to conceal hook point.
Center line
By rigging the hook along the center line, it generates natural roll action because of good right and left balance. And the center line on the back of head part is a mark where hook point should come out when you use off set hook for back slide setting.

Hook rigging
Here is how to rig a Do-Live Stick Fat straightly to get ultimate action. To use recommended hook and rig it correctly you can enjoy best action and get firm hooking.


Water meron pepper W001
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004
Lime Chartreuse W007
Moebi W009

Tenaga W010
Smoke Pepper&Copper Flake W012
Black Red Flake W020
Dark Sinnamon Blue&Pepper W027

Yoshinobori W054
Wakasagi TW101
Golden Shiner TW103
Green Pumpkin Chart TW107

Blue Back Cinnamon TW112
Sprayed Grass TW115
Ghost Shrimp TW117
Kawaebi TW136

Neon Wakasagi TW139
Ebimiso Black TW146
Morning Done TW147
Vitamin Bill TW180

Gori Miso Black TW195
Wild Tenaga TW196

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