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Length 118.0mm
Weight 28.0g
Type Floating
Color 10
Released Dec - 2016

Topwater magician like a phantom

Normal YAMATO is a surface multi-action bait of new genre which has unprecedented body design with colorful and strong appeal power.

Three cups at the front and both side make wide and massive splash. Pop sound is quite similar to the bite sound. This is especially effective to big bass because it resounds to a wide range.

Normally, lower “high appeal eye” is recommended. This eye position makes you slow approach by one-spot dog walk. Center board will help this action.

When bass is slow and reluctant to come up to the surface of the water, upper “diving eye” is recommended. This makes you select fishing style depending on the activeness of bass, using dog walk action with diving action or S-shaped action by simple retrieve.

YAMATO SPEC 2 has the same performance as normal YAMATO. But the material is changed to bone material. It does not have transparency, but it works when rattle sound is effective.

Two weights were changed to tungsten for front, and the length of 3 pin in the weight room were also changed. So they produce rolling sound and heavy low sound.

It generates splash sound and pop sound when dog walk and doubles the appeal power by adding rattle effect.

You can make bass bite using rattle sound by swinging bait softly with tight line.

YAMATO SPEC 2 appeals to bass with its splash sound and pop sound and rattle sound which bass can never ignore.

Length 118.0mm Weight 28.0g Type Floating Color 9 colors


Original ABS resin
Original ABS resin was developed by unique mixing after long pursuit of sound to enhance appeal power.
Mixed sound
Inside the ABS resin body, mixed sound of rolling tungsten ball and hitting weight ball against walls were generated and appeal to bass strongly.


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