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Action Trailer TRAILER WORM

Action Trailer
Length 4in
Count 6
Released June - 2011

Fantastic random vibration

Action trailer was developed to enhance the potential of O.S.P Blade jig. The whole body suppressed resistance, but side flat wide open arms and lengthwise flat curly beard keep on tempting bass with rolling action of Blade Jig. This action is random and hard called MIX action regardless of retrieve speed. When it swims, it appeals with very small wave motion like tail action of bait fish. And when it lifts and falls including stay, it appeals with bottom roll action imitating crustacean like shrimp. Body has center slit for easy straight setting that is necessary to generate max potential of worm. Material is non-salt for specific use of trailer worm. So it has durability and if you keep it with rigged jig, material will not rust the hook.Not to mention, as a trailer worm for spinnerbait, buzzbait, rubber jig Action trailer is very effective, but texas rig, jighead rig etc the possibility is infinite.


Action Trailer
Non-salt material
Material is non-salt for exclusive use as trailer worm.
Center slit
Center slit makes easy straight worm setting

MIX Action
MIX action tempts bass regardless of action speed
If you keep this product long time in the state which touched a blade of O.S.P blade jig, there is a danger that blade might be transformed. Please be careful when you keep it.


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