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HP Bug

HP Bug
Length 1.5in
Color 13
Count 8
Release Aug-2019
“The HP Bug 1.5”is all purpose finesse bait available widely for light rig which concept is you can get bite if only you cast the bait at the spot that bass is likely stay even under high pressure condition.
It seems like bug bait but the usage is wide. The basic usage is weightless rig with offset hook. You have only to cast and let it sink naturally leaving line slack. Then it falls with spontaneously with its legs trebling finely. Then you have only to wait.
Not to mention, sight fishing is also effective. If you find bass and cast the bait at the direction where the bass is heading and let it find the bait, you can get firm bite.
If you use neko rig with offset hook you can hang it on the twig and it appeals with ripple by letting it touch the water surface even though its size is only 1.5”.
It performs stable I shaped action when you use it weightless rig with octopus hook which sometimes causes unstable action. And if you use Carolinaa rig or split shot rig,
it seldom hangs even when you use octopus hook because hook point face upward.
If you want to fish deep, drop shot is best because you can let it reach the water level quickly and then you can tempt bass by falling of “The HP Bug 1.5” for the length of leader.
The design sought not only for the ability of getting bite but casting and hooking ability, adjustability for rig, keeping stable posture. It has all the spec that is needed in fishing field. “The HP Bug 1.5” is dangerous bait easy to use for everyone and get more bite. So cool, so easy !



HP Bug
Square body
The smaller and heavier the body is, castability improves, but if it is too heavy the fall speed becomes too fast. You can reduce fall speed by increasing the parts, but the air resistance increases and the cast performance decreases. To solve that contradiction, we examined body shape and parts. Square body makes stable fall and not only when you use offset hook but when you use octopus hook, it realizes stable fall posture.
The material of body
Non-salt on the back side, salt-in on the ventral side. Necessary factor for fishing like action and stability, and hooking ability and castability are highly realized.

The arms and the legs
These parts make sinking posture stable because these seize the water when sinking. When you use it weightless rig with offset hook, all the legs tremble. Designed with the best number and length seeking for the best sinking speed and posture through examination of air resistance at the time of casting.
The stabilizer attached at the end of body is to prevent from back down when sinking if you use weightless rig with offset hook and to prevent from rotation when you cast it. Also it prevents from swinging of trace line when you retrieve I-shape and twitching weightless rig.


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