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Length 63.0mm
Weight 5.8g
Type Slow Floating
Hook Size #8
Color 15
Released May - 2024
Shad plug lures are becoming more popular as the field conditions become tougher. Shad's strength is its slender silhouette and tight action that suppresses its appeal. They are active in all fields, and the average range for shad plugs is around 2m in water depth, but we have planned to further expand the range. We then pursued shad that could be retrieved in a range shallower than 1 meter deep.
The body size of HighCut SR is 63mm, which is larger than the original HighCut. Weight is 5.8g. The hook used is number 8. Can be used with both spinning tackle and bait finesse tackle. Even though they are small plugs, shad plugs are more affected by the wind than round crankbaits. That's why we chose a structure that moves the center of gravity.
In addition, we minimized the rail for shifting the center of gravity in order to improve the swim start and response. It also features a body with a honeycomb super structure. The weight used is made smaller by using a high specific gravity tungsten ball. By moving the weight to the tip of the thin tail, the flight attitude was stabilized even in strong winds, increasing flight distance.
The shape of the lip and lower center of gravity have increased the ability to recover after colliding with an object and losing your posture. The main range is approximately 40 to 100 cm deep, and the maximum depth is approximately 1.3 m. It is easy to control the range depending on the position of the rod tip. Tight action even with fast retrieve. Twitch makes a big dart, so you can take your time and invite it. The slow floating setting allows it to float to avoid obstacles.
HighCut SR is a small shad plug that can attack the shallow range advantageously.

Note: Setting a snap on the ring will prevent the thread from getting tangled.



Adopts a honeycomb super HP body. Tungsten weight (fixed & center of gravity moving). Horizontal eye specification


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