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Weight 3/4oz・1oz
Blade Type 3/4oz.TW(Front#3.5、Rear#7) / 3/4oz.DW(Front#3.5、Rear#7) / 1oz.TW(Front#4.5、Rear#10) / 1oz.DW(Front#4.5、Rear#7)
Released October - 2002

No substitute

Even though you are fascinated with strong gathering power of big bait, but sometimes you are not satisfied because big bait is not almighty.“ If there is a hard big bait we can retrieve in the middle of cover instead of outside”. That is the desire which triggered the development of “Typhoon”.Fundamentally, spinnerbait is the best lure for cover fishing among all hardbait. When it touches cover, irregular flashing occurs. That has enormous effect. Tight approach to cover does not give big bass a time for consideration, and let them bite instantly.

Thus, Typhoon was born as a super strong weapon.As a blade for bass lure ♯8 was the biggest at that time, ♯10 blade was developed this time for tandem willow type. Needless to say, it is not just big, but the accumulation of original concept for actual fishing.First of all, heavy retrieve feeling of big blade was regarded as fate. Unsolvable. But Typhoon has realized smooth retrieve feeling even powerless Japanese angler can retrieve whole day. And the surface of blade was coated to suppress excessive flashing, so it is not detected easily by bass under high pressure field or clear water. In actual use, Typhoon can attract bass from shallow range in spite of heavy weight. And not to mention, attract bass from deep range and make them bite quickly. When it gets into the zoon it rages as if there is no substitute.But fishing with Typhoon is not gamble.The big difference from other big bait is Typhoon can often catch small bass like 20cm. Needless to say, its appeal power to big bass is much stronger than that of normal spinner bait.Namely Typhoon can catch bass constantly as a normal spinnerbait, and at the same time it has potential which normal size spinner bait does not have.The secret is that the blade of Typhoon is big but the head is normal. That’s why bass can bite easily.Therefore Typhoon has solved the contradiction of big bait. It attracts bass with its big blade and let them bite with normal size head. It has both appeal power and ability to elicit bite.


Heavy weight head
The weight of blade is 7g (#7), 11g (#10). This heavy weight is not to fish just deep range but to cast big blade which has much air resistance and to realize stable swimming. Typhoon is effective from 1m ~5m column or more.
Recommended rod
Medium heavy and regular taper 6.6ft or more is recommended. Slim but thick butt is desirable because powerful rod has good castability and easy retrieve. The whole blank contributes to absorb the load.

Ultra-big blade
Moderate rotation angle and the shape that has less water resistance realized smooth retrieve. You can retrieve it whole day.
Surface treatment of blades
Surface is coated to have natural shine without warning bass by excessive flashing.


Black Shiner S05
Ice Shad S09
Spark Ice Shad ST17
Spark White Chart ST21

Killer Gold S22
NAT Bait Fish S26
Sun Fish Tiger S38
Chart Back Ayu S39

Sunset Red S50
Steele Shad S51
Ghost Chart Blue Back S61
Ghost Wakasagi S62

LB Shad S63
Wild Gill S64
Baby Bass S65
Black FL Silver S70

Color No. Name Size/Weight
3/4ozDW 3/4ozTW 1ozDW 1ozTW
S05 Black Shiner
S09 Ice Shad
ST17 Spark Ice Shad
ST21 Spark White Chart
S22 Killer Gold
S26 NAT Bait Fish
S38 Sun Fish Tiger
S39 Chart Back Ayu
S50 Sunset Red
S51 Steele Shad
S61 Ghost Chart Blue Back  
S62 Ghost Wakasagi  
S63 LB Shad  
S64 Wild Gill  
S65 Baby Bass
S70 Black FL Silver

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