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Length 62.0mm(2-1/2in.)
Weight 12.5g(11/25oz)
Hook Size #4
Dives 0-6ft.
Color 10
Released April - 2007

again, the world standard gonna be changed

In the midst of bass fishing evolution, the lure which has strong possibility of catching big bass is big crankbait. And that is still called an undeveloped zone. In order to establish the method of this fishing, Blitz max was created to surpass the performance of former big crankbait as the main stream of future tactics.
Blitz max excels castability. You can cast Blitz from a distance tightly and softly to the position you aimed by low trajectory like spinnerbait. And by the effect of an ultralight body it starts to tempt bass from the first action. Blitz starts to move with no run-up. Swimming range is from 0 -1.8m. You can manipulate lure in that range by position of rod tip and retrieve speed, and if you use 12lb line, Blitz goes down to 2.0m or more. Strong buoyancy decreases hanging to any kind of cover like bush,rock,weed. When you want to try hang-off technique, which means removing lure after making it hang to some cover, you can get much chance of fish bite because of Blitz's easy removing and buoyancy kick back action. And so, you can attack one spot intensely. Moreover, simple retrieve requires no advanced technique, Blitz can gather fish and make them bite from wide area. Thus by fusion of new technology that raises lure performance, Blitz demonstrates entirely different performance from old big crankbait. Its light feeling of use makes us hallucinate as if we are using one size smaller. So, actual effective situation is much wider than we imagine. Blitz max is developed aiming at modern tough big bass, a crankbait of new dimension that destroy the former common sense.


Honeycomb HP Body
Honeycomb super HP body is the first special structure in the industry that made coexistence of intensity and a weight saving. It helps improvement of buoyancy and saving weight in the society of F-1 machine and airplane or Shinkansen. Adopting this technology to lure manufacture, not only snagless ability brought from improvement of buoyancy but quick and high-response action of swimming is created.
Semi-Flat Body
Semi flat body is the very best shape of O.S.P original. It has advantage of round crankbait and increases bite. Well calculated body shape has high control performance, never being moved away by side wind. Flat body has strong flashing and creates more wave motion, and is extremely attractive for not only bottom bass but transverse direction. Big bass surface from bottom and bite it.

HP Slash Bill
This lip is three times stronger than same thick ABS lip and its hardness and thinness have excellent ability of swimming and bottom detecting. The shape of lip makes retrieve precisely as you imagine with attractive bottom hit and away. It never swerve from orbit when it hits cover. It also equipped snagless ability that guard hook from cover.
White resin is O.S.P. original material seeking for action response and buoyancy. Sometimes low impact clear body attracts bass more responding to the color of water or condition of bass. O.S.P has two types of resin which has merit in each corresponding various field condition.


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