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Length 3.1in 3.7in
Color 21
Count 8(3.1in)、7(3.7in)
Release July-2017

Realistic action generates solid bite

“The HP Minnow 3.1” is super multi performance minnow which has lively action and availability for many kinds of rigs.

To make fish regard lure as real bait is necessary to get bite from not only feeding bass but normal bass. “The HP Minnow 3.1” sought for ideal body shape and exclude unnatural movement. Only the part you want to move moves lively. Weightless rig generates I-shape action without unnatural staggering and sinks very slow because of selected material. That is why suspend bass notice the bait. Sharp dart action with twisting body, V-tail moves by short pitch shake, rear body trembles by simple retrieve. This action should be called super real. “The HP Minnow 3.1” will be the standard of next generation because it is never detected by bass.

Weightless rig with octopus hook

Weightless rig by downward inserting of octopus hook is the best for I-shape action. (If you use weedless octopus hook, cut the guard leaving about 1 mm then it works as worm keeper. So you can have firm rigging) What is important is to insert the hook in the middle of the worm straightly. So it performs various action like I-shape action by slow retrieve and wide wobbling by medium retrieve and high pitch wobbling by fast retrieve,

Nose hooking for weightless rig and drop shot rig

This is a standard rig everyone can rig easily and good for various rig like weightless rig, dropshot rig, carolina rig. It can generate maximum ability to entice bite. Nose hook the worm to keep the line eye at the extension of center of the body. That is the best rigging. Refer to the video for correct rigging.

Weightless rig with offset hook (FINA T.N.Soffset#3、thin offset hook#3~#2)

We recommend this rig to catch bass around structure or feeding area. Just pick out the eye of hook from the head, pass through the slit and bury only the hook point in the body, then you can have straight setting. Worm body does not bend when you skip, so you never miss the bite chance because body does not hold hook gap.

Drop shot rig

“The HP Minnow 3.1” is also good for drop shot rig because this material and design keep worm horizontal posture. V-tail reacts sharply to subtle rod work and vibrates finely. If you shake it in almost the same position it will be a strong weapon under tough condition.

Jighead rig(hook size #3~#2)

When you tempt bass in the middle water slowly, simple retrieve is fundamental. If you retrieve it fast, its rear body wobbles and generates the action as if bait fish were running away.

Trailer for small rubber jig

“The HP Minnow 3.1” is also available for rubber jig trailer because it tempts bass with finely vibrating tail without disturbing the movement of the rubber. If you rig it after cutting the head moderately, hook point comes out of long slit part. So, you can easily rig the bait straight to the small rubber jig which many anglers feel difficult.

Split shot rig and Carolina rig

Sometimes I-shape action of split shot rig or Carolina rig around bottom or middle water catch more fish than other rig. Slow retrieve or dragging will open new gate for middle to deep water fishing.


Symmetrical body
The body of “The HP Minnow 3.1” is designed to be symmetrical. Even when the worm is worn out, you can rig it again by turning over. Then worm acts as fresh bait.
Side concave
The characteristic action of “The HP Minnow 3.1” is I-shape action. Head shape that disperse water flow equally and side concave reduce staggering and perform stable swimming action when slow retrieve.

Through type long slit
The problem of I-shape worm was unnatural movement because of non-straight inserting of offset hook. Through type long slit cleared this problem. Everybody can rig the hook straight and enjoy stable I-shape action by letting through the offset hook in the long slit and fixing hook point on the body. When water flow goes through slit, there occur strong vibrations like bait fish are running away desperately.
Original V tail
V-shaped groove dug in the base of the tail performs a function to move extremely sensitively in spite of tension, and even a slight shake produces tingling and micro vibration.


Water Melon Pepper W001
Green Pumpkin Pepper W004
Light Smoke Pepper & Rainbow Flake W014
Dark Cinnamon Blue & Pepper W027

Cosmo Black W038
Disco Green W044
Shirauo W056
Clear W063

Temptation Pink W064
Soft Shell Smoke TW102
Green Pumpkin Chart TW107
Ghost Shrimp TW117

Sight Special TW127
Lively Wakasagi TW134
Neon Wakasagi TW139
Ghost Lime Chart TW143

Morning Done TW147
T.N.Smoke Lady TW158
Clear Wakasagi TW182
White Chart TW185

ProBlue Bait Fish TW192
Uroko Wakasagi TW193
Pink Back Shiner TW197

No. Name Size
3.1in 3.7in
W001 Water Melon Pepper
W004 Green Pumpkin Pepper
W014 Light Smoke Pepper & Rainbow Flake
W027 Dark Cinnamon Blue & Pepper
W038 Cosmo Black
W044 Disco Green
W056 Shirauo
W063 Clear
W064 Temptation Pink
TW102 Soft Shell Smoke
TW107 Green Pumpkin Chart
TW117 Ghost Shrimp
TW127 Sight Special
TW134 Lively Wakasagi
TW139 Neon Wakasagi
TW143 Ghost Lime Chart
TW147 Morning Done
TW158 T.N.Smoke Lady
TW182 Clear Wakasagi
TW185 White Chart
TW192 Pro Blue Bait Fish
TW193 Uroko Wakasagi
TW197 Pink Back Shiner

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