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Length 2.5in・3.5in
Count 5
Color 21
Released April - 2010

Blaze of life stimulates instinct.

When bass chase baitfish they become very careful. Even when they are repeating boil they don’t pay attention on doubtful lures.

To deceive them, only realistic appearance is not enough or only natural action is not enough either. Realistic appearance plus natural action are necessary to get more bite.

Mylar minnow has realistic shape and eye, plus mylar tube that generates flashing like fish scale as a reflector. Then Mylar minnow acquired super realistic appearance that normal worm can never express.

Action is also fantastic. Body roll creates blink flashing and tail vibrates sensitively. Thus Mylar minnow has both appeal power and ability to generate bite.

The ultimate unite of appearance and action has created amazing liveliness, Mylar minnow drives finicky fish crazy.

「Body shape sought after natural action」
Mylar minnow sought after compatible action. One is roll action that exaggerate flashing and the other is sensitive tail action that makes finicky bass bite.

Roll action is produced by escaping from water pressure under the body. So, thick body that catches water pressure well has the advantage.

But tail should be thin and slim to create sensitive tail action that makes finicky bass bite.

What solved this contradiction drastically is fin under the tail like pillar.

Although tail is thin and slim,it catches water well and creates roll action because it has moderate tension.

Still more, this fin creates high pitch vibration, because it reduces surplus movement of tail.

It is effective when you use wacky setting of weightless rig, it can tempt bass by creating ripple on one spot and when you twitch it sideways it slides very well.

「Super real flashing」
Mylar minnow adopted mylar tube as a reflector. That is the best material for fly fishing which pursue visible appeal. And one of O.S.P staff has been keeping it as secret because the reaction of bass is quite different.

Sweet diffused reflection created by special transparency and knit touch reproduce flashing of bait fish precisely. So, it gathers bass from wide range and elicits bite.

Also, you can adjust flashing degree by selecting the color of mylar tube. And you can select the best appeal according to water and fish condition.


Ghost mylar
This clear mylar flashes slightly and make finicky bass bite even in clear water. The tougher the condition is the more it becomes reliable. Sophisticated bass can never resist its appeal.
Adopted color: ghost wakasagi, pink lady, shirauo
Rainbow mylar
This has the closest resemblance with the flashing of actual baitfish, so this is almighty color that you can feel the flashing power of mylar tube regardless of water and weather.
Adopted color: ayu, wakasagi

Gold mylar
It has high appeal strong glittering flashing, so it is the most effective in muddy water or low light condition. An instant strong flashing has the most reaction effect among 4 types.
Adopted color: stain gold, watermelon ayu, pound gill, black gold orange belly
Sliver mylar
This has strong flashing but at the same time this has natural glitter of baitfish. It appeals by flashing but not too much impact, so this is the standard color for actual fishing.
Adopted color: wakasagi flash, ginmoroko, tasty shad, ayu flash, co gill
Jighead rig
Flickering flashing created by rolling action of rod shake appeals to bass and elicit bite with the effect of high pitch vibration of tail. Both retrieving middle range with shaking and one-spot shaking are effective.
Drop shot rig
This body has buoyancy, it can appeal bass naturally without tail down. Roll and high pitch tail action is effective, but flashing dart by sharp twitching is the trump to elicit reaction bite.
No weight rig(wacky setting)
“Piku piku” is a kind of technique to perform dying baitfish. Laying mylar minnow on the surface of water and making ripple by shaking on the spot. If you shake a little harder, it moves sideways, that technique is called “Yoko yoko”. The hook is penetrated through mylar tube, you do not have to worry about losing worm when you skip it or fighting with bass.
No weight rig(offset hook setting)
When you twitch the lure it darts irregularly sometimes jumping out of water. This action preforms panic bait escaping the surface of the water. Especially, flashing that occurs when it turns right and left triggers bite instinct of bass.
Split shot rig
If you twitch lightly, it darts naturally and body floats. Flashing by dart with twist is almost like dying baitfish on the bottom.


Ghost Wakasagi MW001
Wakasagi MW002
Ayu MW003
Pink Lady MW005

ImpactChart MW006
WaterMelon Shad MW011
Back Visible MW012
Honey Flash MW013

Wakasagi Flash MW014
Ginmoroko MW015
Tasty Shad MW016
Stain Gold MW017

WaterMelon Ayu MW018
Ayu Flash MW019
Co Gill MW020
Pound Gill MW021

Black Gold Orange Belly MW022
Smoking Trick MW023
Visible Pink Back Sight SP MW024
Really Shirauo MW025

Orikin Bait Fish SP MW026
Gray Mullet MW027
Dying Wakasagi MW028
Dying Ayu MW028
Tenaga MW030
Moebi MW031

No. Name Size
2.5 3.5
MW001 Ghost Wakasagi
MW002 Wakasagi
MW003 Ayu
MW005 Pink Lady
MW006 ImpactChart
MW011 WaterMelon Shad
MW012 Back Visible
MW013 Honey Flash
MW014 Wakasagi Flash
MW015 Ginmoroko
MW016 Tasty Shad
MW017 Stain Gold
MW018 Water Melon Ayu
MW019 Ayu Flash
MW020 Co Gill
MW021 Pound Gill
MW022 Black Gold Orange Belly
MW023 Smoking Trick MW023
MW024 Visible Pink Back Sight SP
MW025 Really Shirauo
MW026 Orikin Bait Fish SP
MW027 Orikin Bait Fish SP
MW028 Dying Wakasagi
MW029 Dying Ayu
MW030 Tenaga
MW031 Moebi

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