Length 90mm
Weight 52g
Type Floating
Hook #1
Ring #3
Color 10
Deps Max 9.5m
released Oct-2022
As one of the means to catch big bass, we focused on targets that lurk deep in water over 8 meters deep. Not only around structure, but also some individuals do not depend on structure as much as they do on larger fish, so there is a great need for crankbaits that can speedily check a wide area. We aimed for a rod for winding fish, generally around 7 feet, regular or slow taper MH class, with a performance that can be cast lightly at a level never seen before, and can be retrieved continuously to catch a lot of bites.

Overcoming challenges to create a one-of-a-kind lure.

Generally, the drawbacks of large deep crankbaits are long casting performance and heavy reeling resistance. The silhouette and action of the lure were designed to be similar to that of a bait fish. Casting the lure easily exceeded the 8-meter depth range and expanded the target to 9 to 10 meters, where there is less competition and less open water. The essential ingredient was distance. Even if a lure has the ability to dive deep, it will not be able to demonstrate its ability if it does not have the ability to fly long. The body shape takes aerodynamic drag into consideration, and a super-large 8.5g moving weight has been moved close to the tip of the tail to stabilize the flying posture. The honeycomb body, which is 40% thinner than ours, reduces weight while maintaining strength. The lateral low-riding eye allows the two weights to be close together, and the front weight is also placed above the eye for a one-weighted feel at close proximity. It has a good swimming start and response, light reeling resistance, and light swimming like a real bait fish. In addition, the actual fishing range is not necessarily limited to the maximum diving depth. For example, in reservoirs with complicated shorelines, the lure can be used in the 5 to 6 meter depth range by using a rapid dive with a cast of about 20 meters. The long distance between the tip of the lip and the hook makes it difficult for the lure to get caught in the water around structure. It is also buoyant and can be used in a hang-off approach where the angler lightly stacks the lip to stop the lure and let it float to avoid being caught by roots. This is an extra deep magnum crank bait that has evolved all the features to reach unreachable depths.


Nearest 2 weight construction

Baitfish are agile, even when they are large. We aimed for a nimble and lifelike movement, rather than a slow, sluggish one just because it is a magnum size. The front molded weight has a low center of gravity and rounded corners to match the height, and is shaped to be integrated with the rear round ball. The two weights are brought closest to each other during the swim by minimizing the amount of internal flesh by minimizing the lateral low-riding eye. The lure has a good swimming action and response to induce bites and reduce reeling resistance.
Maximize the effect of center-of-gravity shift

By structuring the ultra-large 8.5g moving weight to roll to the tip of the tail, an explosive flying distance is achieved.


Black Gold Orange Belly H04
Dazzler Baby Gill L16
Sexy Shad L21
Tasty Shad P23

Impact Ayu PB39
Tsuresu Gill BH45
Mat Shad M47
Half Mirror Gold HH53

Citrus Shad C84
Ghost HF Wakasagi GHF91
Chart Wakasagi P91

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