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Picro 68 SSS

Picro 68 SSS
Length 68.0mm
Weight 4.6g
Type Super Slow Sinking
Hook Size #10
Color 11
Additional Parts Tail hair / Tube 2pcs
Release Feb-2021
What is “The Picro 68”?
Abnormal response of bass which is generated by “The Picro 68” is not just bite or threatening but almost madness. “The Picro 68” is innovative hard bait that you can perform roll action with simple retrieve easily and generates strong color change and flashing.

The concept of SSS
SSS (Super Slow Sinking) model drives bass mad because it drifts and sinks slightly when you stop action and it creates glossy roll action on the spot. When you retrieve very slowly, it gathers bass by acting as defenseless bait fish just like I-shaped lure. And if you shake the line gently to make the lure roll slightly, even a coward bass comes to bite because the fish can never resist quiet and dynamic lively action. If you retrieve simply, it performs various actions like wondering careless baitfish or escaping and panicking baitfish. If you retrieve it moderately, it keeps 50cm depth and acts as search bait to check wide range. If you twitch it continuously it appeals with falling roll action. Having various technique to dazzle like rolling action to gather bass or to make it bite, “The Picro 68” SSS drives bass mad.


Picro 68 SSS

Back lip: The lip designed at the back is a key part to divert the water resistance to quick roll action.It is like an engine that produces strong color change and flashing.

Special fiber: If you let it stay on the surface of the water, it senses slight water currents and winds and flutters naturally as if it were a tail fin of baitfish.

Fins: Prevents rear hooks from being carried on the body and suppresses flapping of the tail when rolling.

Equipped with Pierce treble dagger : This hook has an exquisite wire diameter that is not too thick and not too thin with a good stab and enables you to fight 2kg ranker bass easily.


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