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Length 51.1mm
Weight 8.0g
Type Floating
Hook #6
Ring #2
Color 14
Deps Max 1.3m
released May-2022

New standard for super shallow crankbaits

BLITZ SSR is a super shallow crankbait that swims with high pitch action in about 1m depth. It inherits the high basic performance DNA of the BLITZ series. The small lip of shallow crankbaits has advantages such as flying distance and light retrieve resistance. However, they also include the problem of being easily stuck. The characteristic wide square lip of the BLITZ SSR is a shape that emphasizes obstacle avoidance performance. Although the BLITZ SSR has a standard appearance, it incorporates many elements that help anglers catch fish.

Maximum depth: 1.3m (use fluorocarbon libe 12lb)



Honeycomb Super HP Body & One-Weight Underbalance. Honeycomb construction inside the body maintains strength while reducing weight and improving buoyancy. One tungsten weight ball is placed in the belly. Low center of gravity and centralized weights give it an ultra-high response action.

HP Slashbill & Wide Square Lip. Lightweight and ultra-thin lip produces high action response. Highly durable. The distinctive wide square lip prevents snagging even when approaching structure tightly.

Semi-flat body. The flat sides of the semi-flat body retain the snag-free performance of the round body, while creating a high flashing effect and strong water push to attract more fish than the size of the body.

Use of different ABS resins. The weight of the lure changes depending on the color. Therefore, different body materials are used for each color.


American Sun Fish H03
TG Sun Fish TG03
Black Gold Orange Belly H04
Cosmo Black P05

Mat Chart Blue Back M07
Red Craw Z08
Ice Shad H09
Mat Tiger M14

Tasty Shad ver.Bone PB23
Ghost Lime Chart G35
Mat Shad M47
Gold Fire SH48

GF Spawn Red PGF48
TS Pink Clown TS74

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