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Weight 5.0g/7.0g/9.0g/11.0g/14.0g
Skirt Fine rubber / Silicon rubber
Released September - 2006

This jig transcends ideal because it has both snaglessness and hooking performance.

Cover jig is a lure that required its performance under very severe condition. There are many kinds of cover like man-made cover or natural cover. And they change their shape every season. Good cover jig must always have snaglessness in every circumstance.

But, increasing brush guards to enhance snaglessness makes hooking performance deteriorate. To solve this contradiction, we studied brush guards from the beginning. Then we reached the conclusion that it is best to put adequate brush guards in the oblong hole instead of round hole.

O.S.P JIG ZEROONE has succeeded in solving the contradiction between snaglessness and hooking performance by original brush guard and hooking mechanism. At the same time, cover jig needs the ability to tempt bass for more catch under tough condition of recent years. The head shape and eye position surely increase bite because they made it possible to tempt bass by hanging on the cover. It can entice bass because it stays there horizontally. O.S.P JIG ZEROONE is the ultimate cover jig which has best performance. This is the real cover jig that will change the criteria of this lure.


High position eye
Eye is installed higher position than center of gravity of head. So, even if jig lies in the mouth of bass after bite, you can make it stand up at the very moment of hooking. Thus you can set the hook firmly deep in the upper jaw avoiding miss hooking.
The shape of head
It has best snaglessness against all kind of cover. To respond to tough condition, weight is selectable.

Oval guard
ZERO ONE has improved snagless ability dramatically by planting brush guard into sideway oval hole. And hooking performance is also good because brush guard is not increased lengthwise. ZERO ONE does not have snag trouble by planting optimal number brush guard in each weight. Keeping narrow the distance between brush guard and hook point, ZERO ONE prevents branch from entering from side when landing or falling.
Worm keeper
The shape of worm keeper is designed not to tear worms to enhance durability and hold ability. Each weight is engraved on the worm keeper.

Ultra-strong hook
Hook is stronger than the diameter of wire by high quality material and flat out processing. Wire is heavy but not too thick. So it is easy to set the hook and improved hooking ability for big bass and high catching rate because it seldom bends. The hook point is not only sharp but also tough and durable, so the life of jig is extended remarkably.


Black F01
Black/Blue F02
Black/Brown F03
Brack/Brown/Liver F04

Brown/Purple F05
Brown/Liver/Red F06
Cinnamon/Brown F07
Watermelon Earth F08

Ice Shad S01
Killer Gold S02
Blue Gill S03
Moebi S04

Tenaga S05
Green Craw S06
Black S07
Sujiebi S09

Green Pumpkin/Chart S10
BB Shrimp S11
G.P/Blue Flake S12
Black/Blue/Purple S16

Ghost Moebi S17
Mad Brown S18
Amezari S20
Ghost Shrimp S21

Scuppernong/Blue Flake S26
Dark Sinnamon Blue Flake S27
Green Pumpkin/Black Green Flake S28
KT Dark Smoke Copper&Green Flake S29

Wild Gill S30
Ebimiso Black S33
Gorimiso Black S34

NO color weight
5g 7g 9g 11g 14g
F01 Black
F02 Black/Blue
F03 Black/Brown
F04 Brack/Brown/Liver
F05 Brown/Purple
F06 Brown/Liver/Red
F07 Cinnamon/Brown
F08 Watermelon Earth
S01 Ice Shad
S02 Killer Gold
S03 Blue Gill
S04 Moebi
S05 Tenaga
S06 Green Craw
S07 Black
S09 Sujiebi
S10 Green Pumpkin/Chart
S11 BB Shrimp
S12 G.P/Blue Flake
S16 Black/Blue/Purple
S17 Ghost Moebi
S18 Mad Brown
S20 Amezari
S21 Ghost Shrimp
S26 Scuppernong/Blue Flake
S27 Dark Sinnamon Blue Flake
S28 Green Pumpkin/Black Green Flake
S29 KT Dark Smoke Copper&Green Flake
S30 Wild Gill
S33 Ebimiso Black
S34 Gorimiso Black

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