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Length 50.0mm
Weight 4.7g
Type Floating
Color 17
Released April- 2018

The final weapon that imitates small bait and bug and shrimp. Easy casting with both spinning and baitcasting tackle.

It plays a role of popper with full spec. “The LOUDER” is born.

Only popper has an ability and roll to entice and gather bass from wide and deep area even when they are hiding in the cover. It works when pencil bait has not enough attracting power. It has long castabilty and accuracy and it also has popping sound, splash, rattle sound and swimming on the spot which are very important to attract fish. It is useful in the unproductive narrow spot and grass area in wide open water. It is developed to improve the presence of popper drastically to maximize total performance.

The “LOUDER50”

The strong point of small popper is attracting high pressured bass with small size and imitating small bait or bug or shrimp or frog. Quiet landing sound is also effective. The “LOUDER 50” has weight in the small body to make intentional action and to catch water firmly. Floating posture is slightly vertical because it has high specific gravity. So it has castablity and stability on the water. And it does not move by line tension. The maximum feather and tinsel realized quiet landing sound and catch water firmly. So it can entice bass on the same spot. Not to mention castability is awesome. It has big cup and “Break Water” mechanism to realize attractive power beyond its size. So it realized popping sound and splash to create water column. In this way, small size popper genres that are narrow because of their small range, it will be a strength that brings more fish than ever by overcoming the limits of its performance.

Recommended Tackle. Line and Snap

Reel should be baitcasting reel with fluorocarbon line 10 lb and rod should be ML class 6~6.6ft. If you use spinning tackle, 4~4.5lb fluorocarbon line and 6~7ft rod ML class or more is recommended.. Line should be tied directly and if you use snap, #0 or smaller is recommended. If you use fluorocarbon line, the weight of line makes cup face down and generates popping sound easily. On the other hand, if you use nylon line cup faces upward and generates water column and splash because the weight of line is light.


Long Nose and Break Water structure.
Although it floats rather vertically it generates popping sound because of long nose. Break Water structure designed inside the upper jaw raises the water column upward and splashes water forward widely. This is a special structure that generates appeal power of Louder.



Iki Ayu TT01
Ginga L05
Ice Shad H09
Chi Gill T16

Tasty Shad P23
Insect F31
Impact Lime CHart P35
Moebi Ver.2 ME40

Tenaga Ver.2 TE40
Ghost Smokin Shad G41
Sexy Pink P43
KTD Reaction Flash KT44

TsuresuGill BH45
Numeri Shad P47
Tonosama Frog PP56
GS Jade Shad Chart Belly GG64

Chart Back Ghost GH64
HF Wakasagi HF76
M.U.Flicker Shad.f F89
Lime Parrot PA93

Mint Parrot PA94
Blue Gill P95

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