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Length 130mm(5-1/8in.)
Weight 20.0g(3/4oz.)
Type TOP Floating
Hook Size #3
Color 12
Released August - 2012

This lure has matchless standard. ~It locks-on big bass by the impact of size and rare action~

Bent Minnow series strongly stimulates instinct of any kind of fish by a unique action which is created only by bent body. And it causes rush bite of selective bass by the action that transcends the dimension of lure. You can cast long distance by Bent Minnow 130 with bait casting tackle because of 20g weight and the body design that values flight. And you can handle it smoothly even when you use thick line. It can lure the fish with lively action and it also can fight with fish roughly.
The body is as large as big bait, but it appeals to the bass wide and deeply by sharp dart or dive action and making splash when it dashes out to the surface of the water. Moreover, the bent body reflects light from all direction, so it shows bewildering flashing with snake action.
It swims irregularly and creates natural 3D dart action which neither angler nor bass can guess which to dart.
It creates panic action of bait fish that are chased by bass and almost about to be eaten.
If you twitch it continuously, bass can never detect lure and it sometimes disappears from the sight of bass so it drives bass mad.
Bass loses temper by this mysterious action and become ready to fight.
Bent Minnow is the only one bait that has quite different ability from minnow with lip. It makes bass bite sometimes aggressively and sometimes naturally.


Dead sticking
Floating on the surface of water with bent body on its side is just like dying bait fish.It strongly appeals to a selective bass by making ripple with long pause and convulsion action.
Twitch and pause
Twitching a couple of times and let it float a while is basic action. It produces the state of weakened bait fish which is running and resting. You need to handle rod softly to produce this weakened baitfish action. That is possible by Bent Minnow which darts with soft rod work.

Continuous twitch on the surface of water
Continuous twitching makes irregular action and creates tricky action not only right and left but up and down. You can produce big bait fish running surface of water being chased by bass.


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