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BentMinnow86F New color available!


BentMinnow86F New color “Ginga” available!

DoLive Hog new color available!

DoLive Hog new color available!

Scuppernong Blue Flake W034

Sunburn Water Melon W047

Mimizu W050

DoLive Hog Color Chart

DoLive Stick FAT new color available!

DoLive Stick FAT new color available!

Kawaebi TW136

Ebimiso Black TW146

Morning Done TW147


Naya wins and Hashimoto 2nd at NBC Chapter Kasumigaura 1st

On April 9th NBC Chapter Kasumigaura 1st was held at Lake Kasumigaura. O.S.P pro staff Hiroyasu Naya wins with 3fish 4434g and also O.S.P pro staff Hashimoto finished 2nd with 3fish 3426g. So, O.S.P pro staff became both winner and runner up.


Yamaoka wins JB Tsuburo series 1st!

O.S.P pro staff Kazufumi Yamaoka wins JB Tsuburo series 1st! at Lake Tsuburo Nara Pref. held on April 2nd bringing 3fish 6228g.



1 Hi everyone! Jay here.

With the first few +℃ days among us , I jumped into my shag mobile and headed 9 hours north! Yep! That’s right, time to break out the jigheads, bullet weights and my favorite O.S.P softbaits! As with everything else in life, there’s no 100% promises that when going fishing your going to catch anything but I really needed to get back out there after a long, cold winter.

Getting back to the no promises in life thing, I found out that the weather/location can change very quickly (which it did) and that made the fishing(catching) part of the trip a whole lot more challenging than I would haved liked.

That being said, and after taking an extra day of practice to locate those finiky fish, I had found a few schools of black rockfish that were ready to feed on a well placed Dolivehog 2.5 or Hp shadtail 4.2! or so I had thought……..

Being pumped and knowing I would slam the fish the following night (the tides were perfect)I returned home early with a smile…. Little did I realize I was about to experience the most shocking upset in my fishing career. (Ok, a little over the hill )

The next evening, I returned to my spot I had found only to be greated by 2 monster cranes and a small army of dump trucks who were digging out my money hole! After all the time and energy spent on this past trip , all I managed to come home with was a couple photos and the realization that I needed to up my game for my next trip.

Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed my trip up there, I was just expecting a little more action.

Next time for sure!

2 3

Saito wins and Otsuka 4th at SINZANKAI tournament 3rd


SINZANKAI tournament 3rd O.S.P cup was held at Katakura Dam in Chiba Pref.on Nov. 13th. O.S.P pro staff Masaya Saito wins with 1810g. And also O.S.P pro staff Takashi Otuka finished 4th with 1455g.

Hayashi wins NBC Chapter Champion ship eastern final!


O.S.P pro staff Kodai Hayashi wins NBC Chapter Championship eastern final held at Lake Takataki in Chiba Pref. on Nov. 13th with 2 fish 1890g.

This championship was fished by 26 anglers that is top 5 of Tohoku, Kanto A, Kanto B, Kanto C, and Chubu-Shinetsu division and winner of last year.

He was from Chubu-Shinetsu division. Congrats!

His bait was neko-rigged Do-Live Crawler 4.5

O.S.P baits dominated Korean tournament


G LEAGUE winter tournament was held on 6th Nov. at Nakutogan river in Korea, Mingner won with O.S.P baits.

The temperature of that morning was 2℃、he caught bass that moved down to deep water with High-Pitcher 1oz DC and caught other fish from cover with texas rigged Do-Live Shrimp 6 and snagless neko-rigged Do-Live Curly.

2120g kicker was caught with Blitz EX-DR.

His winning weight was 5165g(5fish)


YAMATO O.S.P SPEC2, Global Color New Arrival!!


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