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New Arrival O.S.P base layers on June-2018

New Arrivals O.S.P base layers on June-2018.

O.S.P Face guard
O.S.P Face cover is a UV protection gear that covers from neck to face and protect skin from ultraviolet rays and sunlight. The material is soft polyester microfiber which has high breathability and flexibility. It feels so good. It can be worn with cap and sun glasses because it has moderate elasticity and three-dimensional sewing. It removes the stress that glasses getting foggy when you cover face because it has ventilation hole at nose position. O.S.P Face cover is a necessary item under heavy sun shine that makes your fishing comfortable and relieve physical exhaustion due to sunburn.

Brown Camo

Gray Camo


O.S.P UV Protect Arm Guard
O.S.P UV Protect Arm Guard is a gear that protects arms from ultra violet ray and prevent from sun tan. It would be very comfortable if you use it with half sleeve wear in sunny season. The material is easy absorbing water and fast drying and has stretch ability, breathability, well fit. Rubber material is adopted at the part of arm and wrist to prevent from moving. It never hinders the rod action and sensitivity. 3 colors and it will be sold in left and right sets. If you use it with O.S.P UV Cut Gloves which is now on sale, sunburn measures from the arm to the back of the hand will be completed!

Light Gray

Gray Camo


O.S.P UV Protect Leggings
O.S.P UV Protect leggings This will effective for UV countermeasure in sunny season. The material is easy absorbing water and fast drying and has stretchability. it fits your body and comfortable to wear. You can enjoy fishing comfortably and casually if you use it with half pants you always put on. This leggings is recommended not only for fishing but various outdoor activities.

Gray Camo


Spring Bass fishing with Over Real


Hi everyone, Jason here. Been awhile since my last report but here we go. Since the introduction of Over Real 63 wake late last year, I have been grinding at the bit to break out my ultra finesse spinning rods and stick a few bass with this thoroughly thought out piece of fishing hardware.

Granted,spring time is the time of year all of us anglers want to be chucking Squarebills, Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Jerkbaits,etc: at hungry behemoths on the stroll.But, there are those days were those freaks of nature are way too weary, and a more finesse approach is needed to trigger them to strike as I found out on my past couple of trips to my local reservoir.

The other day while I was on the water and had already threw “almost”everything in my tackle box without much success ,I noticed a larger fish was cruising the shallows under lay downs and picking off fallen insects from the surface! Thinking about it now, it was a gift sent from god. He was telling me that I was throwing the wrong stuff and I needed to be using a small topwater bait.

So, I went back to my tackle box , broke out Over Real 63 wake and Louder50 and went back to work.

On my second cast, I made a well placed cast along that lay down I had just seen that bass cruising on and Wham! A nice 3lb fish came up and smashed my presentation! From that point on, I just kept fishing the same type of situations lay downs, overhangs, docks, just anything that a insect could fall from and be a easy meal for those scavenging bass.

I ended up catching a dozen fish in the 2-3lb size range and my day was saved! Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to crush a 5+lber on my favorite Chatterbait ,but realized it wasn’t in the cards on that day.

Small baits such as Over Real,Cobuzzin’, Louder50 all earned respective spots in my box from that day forward!

Never underestimate small lures my fella fishing freaks! I’m sure they will save my /your tails over and over again!

Wish you all good hunting and hope this spring you will all land your PB! Cheers, Jay

Kodai Hayashi wins Hiroshima Chapter 1st at Yasaka Dam with “Do-Live Beaver”!

Hiroshima Chapter 1st was held on March 25th at Yasaka Dam in Hiroshima Pref. O.S.P pro staff Kodai Hayashi finished 1st ! His bait was ECO “Do-Live Beaver” 3.5 inch(green pumpkin pepper) rigged 10g leaderless dpwnshot.

June-2018 New Item: O.S.P Tracker Cap


June-2018 New Item: DoLive Shad New Colors


June-2018 New Item: LOUDER50 New Colors


June-2018 New Item: BLITZ MAX/BLITZ MAX-DR/Rattlin’ BLITZ New Colors


June-2018 New Item: YAMATO Jr. SPEC2 New Colors


June-2018 New Item: Typhoon 1oz TW New Colors


June-2018 New Item: BUZZ02BEAT/02BEAT Puppy New Color


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