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After spending the first half of the month chasing after monster rockfish, I switched up my tackle and heading out into Tokyo bay in search of some seabass and yellowtails!



This time of the year, the Seabass are just starting to feed up and return to their fighting weight after their long winter spawn. On this past trip out, I managed to find a few number of Seabass foraging on finger mullets and sardines. When the Seabass are munching on these two sources of food ,you can’t find a single lure better than O.S.P’s RUDRA 130S and VARUNA 110S! seabass2

I started off the day casting RUDRA 130S and scored a few nice Seabass! Unfortunately, the RUDRA bite died off rather quickly and that forced me to downsize to my second favorite lure, VARUNA 110S! (Due to the increased number of guides on Tokyo bay, we start off the day casting larger lures and finish the day on smaller sized ones.)

Within a few cast, I got the fish fired up again and just hammered them almost the whole day!

If you love seabass fishing as much as I do, you owe yourself a favor to score up a RUDRA and VARUNA! You won’t be sorry you did.

Until next time, Tight Lines!


SPRING HAS COME !! I got to fish with O.S.P CEO T.Namiki and also tape an original O.S.P YouTube video together!

With spring finally here, it’s time to pack away those heavy winter blankets and get to fishing.

This past Saturday and Sunday was the annual 「LURE FESTA in SENDAI」fishing show!
(BTW: It was great to meet and greet so many OSP fans and enthusiastic anglers! )

While at the show, I met up with a local fishing charter service( EARNEST) and planned for a trip out with him yesterday.

Wasting no time, let’s get to the action! I don’t have much to say other than yesterday was damn awesome !


I got to fish with O.S.P CEO T.Namiki and also tape an original O.S.P YouTube video together! We were fishing for greenling using O.S.P’s fine line-up of soft baits.

I started off the action by catching a monster sized greenling on a 1/2oz jig head rigged with an HP SHADTAIL 3.1″ Man talk about fight! This guy was dodging the guides net for about 2minuets!


Shortly after landing that first fish it was all out madness! Both myself and T. Namiki just tore them up using a wide variety of lures( DoLive Craw 3″, HP SHADTAIL 3.1″&3.6″)Catching fish after fish until our arms were dead!



I don’t want to spoil the video, so please stay tuned to O.S.P’s website for its release!


Until next time, Tight Lines!

O.S.P pro staff Toshimichi Kitayama finished 2nd at RIVRE Bass Club Tournament 2016 using drop shot of Do-Live Curly


RIVRE Bass Club Tournament 2016 2nd event was held at lake Biwa on 17th April, O.S.P pro staff Toshimichi Kitayama finished 2nd with 4995g/3fish.


He relied on drop shot of Do-Live Curly (skappanon) .

And his partner finished 3rd with 4645g/3 fish using the same rig.

Congrats! Guys and good job Do-Live Curly!

※RIVRE Bass Club: One of the most active marina of Lake Biwa. A lot of professional bass angles participate in this tournament.

O.S.P pro staff Kota Chiba wins the first event of V6 marine owner’s tournament.

O.S.P pro staff Kota Chiba with Tsuyoshi Ando celebrate the victory at the first event of V6 marine owner’s tournament held on April 3rd with a total of 4970g.


He caught all the fish with RUDRA F.


Mr. Chiba talked about the day.

“ Oh! RUDRA, RUDRA,RUDRA! We went treasure hunting in spring and hit the Bingo! No other bait could have caught them but RUDRA! All the fish were giant female bass! They made me take winning trophy home! My friend Mr. Ikegaya also caught 1500g with RUDRA. We got 6 bites and caught 4 fish! More detail is coming soon! “

※V6 Marine: A famous marina in Ibaraki pref. organizing bass tournament several times a year.


O.S.P pro staff Daisuke Yamazoe finished 3rd at 1st stage of lake Inba tournament “Nab-21” catching 2920g/3 fish.

This is what he talked about his fishing. “ Now 2016 tournament has started. My first event was lake Inba tournament “Nab-21”. 53 guys fished at 1st stage. Everything changed on the tournament day because of gusty wing of 2 days before and heavy rain of previous day.

So I had to make a brand new plan. But I was able to make the limit by “Do-live Craw #4 (ebi-miso black)” and “Do-live Crawler #4.5(blue back cinnamon)” bringing in 2920g /3 fish. And I made a good start finishing 3rd place. I will do my best to be among top 3 next time too.



“Nab 21” (Narita Airport Basser 21)
Bass tournament organization in Chiba pref. Japan established in 2001. One of the local bass tournament organization of Japan but is famous for excellent members and higher environmental awareness.

O.S.P monopolized first, second and third prize of the hit lure ranking of Lure Magazine Mobile.
※Lure Magazine Mobile is a cell phone pay site run by Lure Magazine


1st Do-live Crawler O.S.P
1st among soft lure department
Last year was the same 1st

2nd Do-live Shad O.S.P
2nd among soft lure department
Last year was 12nd

3位 Do-live craw O.S.P
3rd among soft lure department
Last year was 5th


O.S.P lure monopolized from 1st prize to 3rd of soft bait section in the “MVP hit lure rank 2015” run by Lure Magazine Mobile!
1st drive crawler, 2nd drive Shad and 3rd drive Craw.

This ranking is the total of almost 10000 data gathered from Lure Magazine Mobile Members.
We realized again that many anglers catch bass by O.S.P lure.
Please enjoy good fishing with O.S.P lures from now on!

Do-live crawler 4.5 was chosen as “No.1Tackle of the year” by Lure Magazine


“ Tackle of the Year (T.O.Y)” is one of the popular articles edited every year by “Lure Magazine” of Naigai Publishing Company.

A lot of readers pay high attention on the articles because it announces items which created topics each year.

Do-live crawler 4.5 became No.1 soft lure of 2015 T.O.Y 2 years in a row.

And Do-live stick 3.5 became 2nd. So, O.S.P soft lure has made 1-2 finish in T.O.Y.

Moreover Do-live Shad 4.5 became 5th. This is surprising because 3 O.S.P items were nominated among top 5 of soft lure division.

We appreciate big support from many anglers.

See Lure magazine February issue for more information.

OSP’s notoriously good DoLive Craw and DoLive Stick soft baits!

Greetings y’all!My name is Jay Ferris.

I was born and raised in the U.S. but have resided in Japan since the age of 18.

While living in the states,I was introduced to the great sport of fishing through my father and never looked back.

Since moving to Japan, I continued to practice the art of fishing.

I have been fortunate enough to win a few tournaments in both,fresh and saltwater.

After winning my first tournament here, I was approached by a few Japanese fishing companies and officially became a sponsored angler.

For 2016 , (and hopefully much longer..lol) I was fortunate enough to be offered a pro staff spot with O.S.P., I look forward to this great learning opportunity,and can’t wait to introduce to all of you OSP’s great brand of fishing lures.

【Fishing Reports!】
Greetings y’all! Jay here.

It is now late fall,and we are slowly starting to move into the winter months here in Japan.

With the first really big cold front just past us, I decided to load up my rockfish rods with OSP’s notoriously good DoLive Craw and DoLive Stick soft baits!

Figuring the bite should be turning on any day now, I headed on down to my favorite honey hole and wasn’t disappointed!

I made some quick casts around the local jetties and was rewarded with a few decent sized Black rockfish and a super nice greenling!


With the winter being rough on us old timers, I still cant help getting out there and catching these fellas!

●Hit Lures and rigs
For shallow water fishing, I was using OSP’s DoLive Stick 3″ &3.5″ on a 3-5g jighead.

For deep water fishing, I choose OSP’s DoLive Craw 3″ Texas rigged with a 18g sinker and #1 heavy off-set hook.


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