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Kazuhiro Takeuchi won TBC tournament 5th


TBC tournament 5th was held on Oct. 2nd at Tonegawa and O.S.P pro staff Kazuhiro Takeuchi won with 3 fish 5349g.

He became 5th at the 2016 ranking

His bait was:
・Jig 01(green pumpkin blue flake) 7g & “Do-live Craw” 4 (green pumpkin blue flake)
・Spin tail frog

The DoLive Shrimp has become the winning lure in Australia!!


The Gamakatsu Team Series grand final in Ballina was run and won. Lucky by Tony Moore and myself!!!!

We hit the water on the first day with out a pre-fish and noticed that the river was still running fresh, due to recent rain.

With this in mind we made the decision to fish the bottom of the river, to hopefully find some salty water. Our bag came very quickly fishing a combination of Cranka crabs and OSP DO-Live shrimp along rock walls.

Weighing a bag of 3.07kg we were in the lead!!!! Day 2 we started fishing with the same plan in mind and quickly had to change things up, the fish that were on the wall had moved due to the pressure of 70 anglers on the first day.

A change of tactics and a move to deeper water resulted in a flurry of big fish. Making long cast up current with a dolive shrimp rigged on an 1/8th proved deadly. Fishing in 8m of water feeling the bite was imperative. When fishing plastics I chose to use a edge 702-2 BSR it has a soft enough tip to keep small hooks!

in soft lips, and for crabbing a 701ISR, because of the sensitivity and bottom end power. Tony and I weighed 2.69kg that day which was enough to take the win. img_products_main_doliveshrimp

[MOVIE] i-Waver fishing in Australia


Mr Lee has introduced the ZERO TWO BEAT in his blog.


Mr Lee is O.S.P Pro staff in Korea. He has introduced the ZERO TWO BEAT in his blog. Check it please.


Matsumura claimed 1st at the K’s tournament!

w1-1 w2-1

K’s cup tournament sponsored by BMC was held on 25th Sept. at Lake Kasumigaura.

60 Kasumigaira and Tonegawa local anglers fished this tournament.

O.S.P pro staff Hiroshi Matsumura claimed 1st with 3 fish 4320g.

He caught 1600g kicker with rubber jig and Do-Live Shad 3.5.

And another kicker was caught with Blitz EX-DR.

He was the only person to brought over 4kg and got that title.

※BMC (Big Mouth Club) is a local tournament organization holding event around Lake Kasumigaura and Tonegawa with experienced anglers. K’s is a famous fishing tackle shop at Sahara Chiba Pref.

New Item Information “DoLiveStick SPEC2 Non-Salt model”


Perch fishing in Paris by Agogué Olivier

September is usually a busy month with many birthdays, first day of school for kids and many other family stuff… therefore I have less time for fishing and I can only make tiny-sessions of 1 hour maximum during my lunch break or on my way back home after work.

I take advantage of it to go fishing unknown places et some of them are promising, specially on perches which are very difficult to locate at the moment. Indeed, Paris is full of baitfishs but perches are not near the shore hunting. I have to fish with long casts as they are in the middle in the river.

Nevertheless, the O.S.P softbaits always takes care to kink them, for my biggest happiness. Like this fish caught on a brand new spot thanks to my Dolive Stick 3.5 ” rigged on a 5gr Jig Head and livened up by small twitches in the current level with the bottom.


Whether it is at lunch time or at the end of the day, fishes are scattered and susceptible to be in all layers of water. Indeed, I caught fishes as well by fishing on the bottom that by fishing in middle-water and sometimes at the beginning of the descent of the bait.

w2 w3

When I manage to find a shoal of fishes, if I catch one or two, others get scared and don’t bite anymore event taking care of releasing the fishes severla meters away. The solutiopn was to use a Dunk 48 SP (color Real Perch) to irritate them and incite them to bite again.

The animation is rather simple, you need to vary ! Sometimes with slow retrieve, sometimes with middle speed retrieve with stops and tiny twitches.

They can’t resist long to an O.S.P bait !

Agogué Olivier

Matsumura and Kimusho finished 2nd at WBS 2016 final.


Hiroshi Matsumura and Kimusho are both pro staff of O.S.P. They fished W.B.S.2016 series final held on 17th,18th and finished 2nd.

They both jumped up for qualification of W.B.S. classic.

Hayakawa claimed 2nd at NAB 2nd match


Narita Airport Basser (NAB) 21 tournament 2nd (substitute for cancelled match) was held on 18th Sept. O.S.P pro staff Junichi Hayakawa claimed 2nd with 3 fish 2850g.

The detail of the event is on the website of NAB21.


Tournament Result

Takahara won NBC chapter 5th and finished 2nd of 2016 ranking

NBC chapter Kanagawa 5th was held at Lake Ashinoko on 11th Sept. O.S.P pro staff Takahara won with 3 fish 6020g. And he became 2nd of NBC chapter 2016 ranking.

Hayashi became the winner of NBC chapter Nojiri 5th and finished 2nd of 2016 ranking

NBC chapter Nagano 5th was held at Lake Nojiri on 11th Sept. O.S.P pro staff Kodai Hayashi won with 3 fish 3086g. And he became 2nd of NBC chapter 2016 ranking only 5p short from 1st.


Kawakami finished 2nd at NBC chapter Yamanaka and got A.O.Y.title.

NBC chapter Yamanaka 4th was held at Lake Yamanaka on 11th Sept. O.S.P pro staff Noriyoshi Kawakami finished 2nd with 1 fish 840g. And he became A.O.Y. of NBC Yamanaka chapter 2016. Congrats!

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