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OSP lure did a great job in U.S.A.

The Blitz MAX-DR played a leading role. Actually, this bait was used in B.A.S.S. Elite AOY Chaompionship held at St Clair in the United States from the end of September to October 2019. The one used this bait was Daiwa Pro Staff, Seth Feider. B.A.S.S.’s AOY Championship is a very severe stage Regardless, he utilized the OSP Blitz MAX-DR in a certain pattern, he caught three big 4-6 pound small mouth in about 15 minutes. It was Seth that won this match, but the Blitz MAX-DR played a part in that. No doubt about that. I’m really happy he used this lure.

O.S.P New Item Information, June-2020


DoLive Shot action movie


O.S.P New Item Information, May-2020


O.S.P New Item Information, Apr-2020


Japan Domestic Color
Blitz (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/blitz/
Tiny Blitz MR (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/tiny-blitz-mr/
Blitz MAX (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/blitz-max/
HighCut-F (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/highcut-f/
DURGA-F (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/durga73f/

Global Color
DoLive Beaver (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/dolivebeaver/

New Grar
O.S.P BOX Logo T-Sharts (New Item) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/boxlogot/
O.S.P Rod Holder (New Item) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/rodholder/
O.S.P MCP Mini Porch (New Item) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/mcpmini/
O.S.P Flat Viset Cap (New Color) https://www.o-s-p.net/products/flatvisorcap/

O.S.P New Item Information, Mar-2020


Thailand O.S.P ProStaff

Mr.Ikeda is O.S.P professional staff active in Thailand.

Winter Cranking by Blitz MR

Mr.Watanabe who is fishing FLW tournament sent us a report of his latest fishing. So please enjoy it.

I went Chickamauga Lake in the evening for the first fishing of 2020. I fished riprap in main lake with Blitz MR which is standard winter pattern of Tennessee River. And I caught small mouth bass. Water was muddy last year, so Ginrin color was very effective. That is why I started with that color, but I got no answer. So I switched to Amezari color and I caught Drum. Although I did no aim at that fish but it was not bad to fish something. After that I caught 2 small mouth bass.

The sizes of those fish were not big because the keeper size of small mouth bass of this lake is 18 inches. But I convinced the potential of Blitz MR which brought me 2 fish in 3 hour fishing in the evening. I hope you guys enjoy winter fishing with Blitz Mr. Tackle data
Rod: KVD cranking rod 7 feet MH
Reel: ABU Black MAX 6.4 gear ratio
Line: Sunline FC Sniper 12 lb

O.S.P New Item Information, Feb-2020


Greetings of the 20th anniversary of O.S.P


Greetings of the 20th anniversary of O.S.P

OSP was born in June 2000. So, 20th anniversary of O.S.P comes June this year. I would like to thank many users and related people who have been supporting OSP until now.

O.S.P was established 20 years ago when the professional bass anglers were not yet stable. The system of contract money with a support maker has not been established, and the background is that the activities and life as a professional were severe.

When I just became a professional, all I had as support was the contract with a support maker, a bit of contract money and provision of goods. I had to do part time jobs like taxi driver in order to make a living and keep living my life as a professional bass angler.

In the meantime, The company that had been producing my original lures upon a royalty contract went bankrupt. And it became difficult to continue to keep going as a professional, and that is tha reason why I decided to establish O.S.P.

Innitially, O.S.P was not only a lure maker but also the private office that bass fishing tournament trails in the U.S required me to have to participate in them, and also that was used as a studio where I developed new lures that helped me at the tournaments.

At that time so many lures were released and desappeared repeatedly, I had the belief to elaborate lures and kept working on it with the concept “10 years standard”.

And as a result of keeping walking forward with the lures I created with my coleagues who I eventually got little by little, now we get to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year.

We are not changing our posture in terms of how we make our products. I will be seeing myself as one of bass anglers rather than an entrepreneur, not changing our stance where we do not set any deadlines and quota, do not rush and create things we can be satisfied with.

However nowadays, looking back at the history of O.S.P and myself, fishing industry has been expanding its field, such as types of fish, countries to fish, field types, lure types and so on. It is not an exaggeration to say that the globalization in such industry is progressing.

From now on, O.S.P are visiting fishing fields all over the country including events so we can enlighten as many people as possible about how enjoyable bass fishing and lure fishing is as well as how nice being in nature through fishing is. As for myself, I am planning to open my own YouTube channel named T.Namiki to help our improvement accelerate.

And at the events or such situations, all of the members and I of O.S.P are looking forward to getting to meet you.

And besides, we are preparing for various of projects for 20th anniversary so we hope you will be looking forward to it.

Lastly, I would like to thank you once again that we could celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Toshinari Namiki.

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