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Angler’s background Dice Rubber Meister, Koudai Hayashi.


Brief personal history
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1989. After catching a bass in a reservoir in the same prefecture when he was in the first grade of elementary school, he decided to pursue lure fishing as his career path. After graduating from Human Academy Fukuoka, a fishing school, he entered the world of tournaments. He successively moved up from chapters to compete in Japan’s top category, the JB TOP50. Currently, he runs a fishing guide business in Lake Nojiri and Lake Biwa, two of the most famous bass fishing lakes in Japan, while competing in tournaments on Lake Biwa.
In 2023, he won the annual Muta Bass Fishing Tournament, a major tournament on Lake Biwa, and the Biwako Open. This accomplishment in his second year of competition created a sensation in Japan. He has also won the H-1 Grand Prix, which is contested only with hard baits, and is flexible enough to adapt to any fishing style. He is also well known as the creator of the Dice Rubber reaction downshot and the HighCut shad Carolina rig.

Lake Biwa, located in Shiga Prefecture, is the largest lake in Japan in terms of area and water volume. It is also known as a treasure trove of big bass, and in 2009, a world-record fish weighing 10.12 kg was caught here.

The secret of its strength
Koudai’s experience fishing Lake Biwa is limited. He started fishing only five years ago. In his career, he has surprised everyone by winning two major tournaments on Lake Biwa in a single year. Koudai’s achievement is unusual considering the current conditions of Lake Biwa, which is not “the lake where you can catch a lot of fish” as it used to be in the old days. He analyzed the reasons for this as follows.

I think there are two reasons. One is that I learned fiber fishing while guiding at Lake Nojiri for a long time and applied it to Lake Biwa. Fishing is not easy on Lake Nojiri, and you have to push your tackle settings to the very limit to catch fish. We need to find the best balance of line thickness, lure choice, color choice, and so on. It is no different in Lake Biwa, where fishing has become more difficult. This means that fishing has to be more finesse oriented. As a result, I can say that I could win the tournament because I was able to use the finesse fishing that I have mastered in Lake Nojiri in Lake Biwa.
Another reason is that I have grown in terms of strategy, such as game management, thanks to the many years I have spent fishing in tournaments.

Koudai, who is analyzing himself in this way, has recently been studying big bait fishing, and says, “I can’t catch fish unless I handle them with finesse. At first glance, big baits may seem like a daring way to fish, but if you want to make a difference, you have to be creative with the action and tracing course. This is also where the sensitive fishing techniques he has cultivated at Lake Nojiri come into play. Hayashi’s enthusiasm for research is second to none, and he is never satisfied with the status quo.

The key player in his annual victory = Reaction Downshot by Dice Rubber
The key to Koudai’s annual victory in the two major Lake Biwa tournaments was a reaction downshot using a dice rubber.This and the Shad Caro. It was such a money bait that I almost won with those two rigs,” he said.When we asked him about it, he told us that it originated in Lake Nojiri.
He said, “When I was guiding, I really wanted my guests to catch fish. So I wanted them to use dice rubbers that would catch fish, but at first I had them fish with caro baits. But they were getting caught on the roots too much. So I changed to a down-shot bait, which was the right choice and caught fish very well. It was easy to cast, could catch fish on the bottom, and I could use thick line. So I started using the dice rubber myself with the downshot.
However, this type of fishing seems to be limited to early spring in Lake Nojiri. This is because bass are preferentially feeding on wakasagi, which are bait fish, and the dice rubbers are less effective.
Koudai then turned his attention to dice rubbers in Lake Biwa.
He said, “For about two years after I started going to Lake Biwa, I tried the Dice Rubber reaction downshot. I was convinced that I could catch fish. I tried it for a full season. Then I caught fish very well. It caught so many fish that it made me think, ‘I can win tournaments with this. And it actually produced results.

The “must-have” technique: two jerks and one pause
Koudai says the Dice Rubber Reaction Downshot can be used for multiple purposes in Lake Biwa. You can catch any type of fish. It doesn’t matter how deep the water is. You can even catch them from the bank. We asked Koudai how he uses it.
Koudai said, “It’s important to have a slow and steady motion. I always use two jerks and one pause, moving the worm instantly and then stopping it suddenly. I use a strong push to appeal to bass and get them to use the worm. The Dice Rubber is small, but it pushes water. I think that is the gimmick that makes it catch fish.
If you can find fish with a fish finder, you have a very high probability of catching them. The easiest fish to target are those attached to structure, but he says he can catch them almost anywhere. He uses a 5 to 7 gram sinker, 3.5 grams on the light side, and up to 10 grams on the heavy side. The standard leader length is 60 cm, and using that length to make the worm bounce is also said to be effective.

Another money bait = Shad Caro with Hi-Cut
Another method of fishing that has supported Kouda’s success is the shad-Carolina Rig.
This is also reaction fishing, and it is very effective in getting fish that are not willing to fight to use their mouths. Basically, the lure strikes the bottom and creates a cloud of sand to encourage fish in the deep to react to the bite. This is also about tackle balance, using a thin PE line to get the lure to the deep end and make it dart.The basic action is two jerks and one pause, with a pause of one second at most. It’s a slow and steady fishing technique with an immediate jerk.”
Koudai won two major tournaments on Lake Biwa using a dice rubber reaction down-shot and a high-cut shad-Carolina Rig.
I like fishing in a way that the angler sets the hook and makes the fish talk,” Koudai said. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that I have caught a fish, not that I caught it.

Koudai has already achieved one win in the 2024 season. He is also very enthusiastic, saying, “I am aiming for the top again this year. He is a pro to keep an eye on.
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