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O.S.P New Item Information, Dec-2020



SCRUM : Only for Neko Rig
The O.S.P HOOK SCRUM is a hook exclusively designed for neko-rig under snaggy cover to bring out 100% of the worm’s performance. By burying the hook point in the worm to improve snagless performance and holding the worm between the V-arms, the worm does not easily move even in rough handling. In addition, the underwater posture is also corrected so that the hook point faces upward, and hooking is firmly performed on the upper jaw. Even when the lure is hanging through the cover, the stable posture reduces the transmission loss of the rod action and brings out the performance of the worm to the utmost limit. Assuming the use under heavy cover, a domestic hook is adopted because it is hard to stretch even by big bass when you use PE line with an MH class rod. The O.S.P HOOK SCRUM takes the cover neko-rig strategy to the next level.

ASURA II-F (JDC new 5 colors)

BLITZ EX-DR (JDC new 2 colors)

HIGHCUT DR-F (JDC new 2 colors)

RUDRA SP (JDC new 3 colors)
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