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Shin Imai wins W.B.S. 1st!

O.S.P pro staff Shin Imai and his partner Manabu Takagi won W.B.S. pro tournament 1st held on Aug. 9th at Kasumigaura with 5 fish 4785g.

His baits were
5g dropshot rigged Do-Live SS Gill 2
05 Tugger + Do-Live Stick 3
Weightless rigged Do-Live Shad 4.5

Here is his comment
After we caught 4th fish at the vertical structure in the main lake, we had a big trouble. Live well did not work. So we started to think to get back. But we talked about whether to stop fishing or keep on fishing and decided to keep on fishing because one more fish would bring good result. So we concentrated on taking care of fish suppling fresh water and ice into the live well. Then we caught 1630g which was the biggest fish on that day with Do-Live Stick 4.5. Thanks to Mr. Takagi for taking good care of fish!

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