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Length 92.5mm(3-7/10in.)
Weight 8.5g(3/10oz)
Hook Size #8X
Dives 0-5ft.
Color 16
Released March - 2001

a new standard resulting from necessity

ASURA O.S.P is the first jerkbait in the world to use 3 hooks with a body of a 3-1/2" class. Three hooks are used to increase catching percentage and reduce missed bites, a common drawback of jerkbaits. Furthermore, it has the No. 1 casting distance in its class due to its unique gravity shifting mechanism, has great flashing effects due to its flat body shape, and yields strong jerking actions even in a normal retrieve. It is no exaggeration to say that ASURA O.S.P shatters all common knowledge of jerkbaits.


Three Hooks
In many cases, bass may spit a lure out before the next jerking movement, which could lead to a missed bite. Three hooks would reduce the number of missed bites in these situations with no or low tensions.
Short Screwed Eyes
If three hooks are used with the standard eye, the long screw would obstruct the weight balls. So, a short screw was used to secure plenty of space (the longest in its class!) for the weight balls to travel.

Flat Body
The completely flat body simply means there's a larger area to transmit the wave movements. It also produces more flashing effects to increase bites.
Different Body Styles
The two body styles, one with scales, the other without, attract even the pickiest female bass during spring time. Holograms are used in the model without the scales. The colors available in these two styles create various flashing patterns that can be useful in different situations.


Ghost Minnow G01
Crystal Gold H04
White Shiner M06
Hasu T06

Crystal Blue Shiner H09
"銀鱗-Ginrin- H23
Tasty Shad P23
Ghost Pearl/Brown Shad TP23

BS Kozakana C24
Real Baby Pike RPO25
Clown T59
Pearl/Chart Back P64

Real Perch RPO69
GF Super Wakasagi GF76
Bloody Shad H82
Ghost Pearl p83

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